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Murud Janjira Beach

Janjira is considered as one of the strongest marine ports in India. The calm and composed atmosphere in this place provides many ways for one to take a break. Visitors can walk on the sandy shores in the morning and evenings for witnessing complete excitement. It is also surrounded by the remnants of Portuguese rule. Murud village which is located near the beach is an excellent place for taking a break from busy life schedule to witness pleasure. Moreover, it gives ways for refreshing body and mind by addressing exact needs. One can be able to hear the chirping of birds in this place.

Fort in Janjira was originally built in the 15th century. It is a mixture of lead, sand and gul. The Dattatraya Temple, Nandgaon Beach and Kashid Beach are some of the attractions in this place. In fact, it is an island that is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The fort has 19 bastions and a must one to visit. Apart from Konkani vegetarian foods, sea foods are available for the tourists.

Murud Janjira beach is becoming one of the popular tourist destinations as many tourists arrive in large numbers every year. Hotels, restaurants and resorts offer excellent amenities for tourists by addressing their exact needs. The light house in Korlai is an awesome spot that provides excitement to the visitors. People can view the beautiful sunset in the morning. Visitors can hire sailboat in the evenings to execute fishing and other activities. The Nandgaon's Ganapati temple which is 15 kms before Murud Janjira is an ideal one for those who want to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh. Tourists can hire a bicycle to discover Murud Janjira town, one of the oldest municipality town in India. Visitors can perform horse riding in the evenings to witness pleasure and happiness. Complete information about the place can also be gathered from tourist places to plan trips according to needs. It fulfills the needs of visitors who want to get relief from tension and other problems.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is at Mumbai.


The nearest railway station is Mumbai


Murud Janjira beach is located about 165 kms away from Mumbai. It is well connected by roads. Several private car and jeep operators help to reach this place at affordable rates.

Where to Stay

There a lot of hotels and resorts that offer excellent services to visitors at flexible budgets.

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