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Aksa Beach

One of the most known beaches in city of Mumbai is the Aksa beach located in Malad very near to Malvani. Earlier the beach was very clean since very few people use to visit the beach and it was very easy to locate shells and snails on the beach side. In the current times this beach has become favorite among the youngsters for their weekends enjoyment. The beach is surrounded by various privately owned cottages and several hotels that can be rented for the use by visitors and tourists.

One end of the beach is used as a base for the India Navy and the smaller beach is also referred to as “Dana Paani”.

The beach also has lined trees of coconut that proves to be blessing during summer season and gives a scenic view to the visitors especially during the sunset time. People from nearby areas like Borivali, Malad, and Kandivali etc. come to view this scenic beach.

This place is also likable among those who prefer the beaches in Goa because of its look and feel of having small huts surrounding it where local fishermen stay.

Places of Attraction near Aksa Beach

  • Another beach named Madh or Marve is located close to Aksa beach.
  • Essel World and Water Kingdom are also located near to the Aksa village.
  • National Park of Borivalli is also easily accessible from this beach.
  • Two famous malls of Mumbai city named Inorbit and Infinity are located in the nearby area at Malad Link road.
  • The other tourist spot located near to Aksa beach is the Global Vipassana that is situated near Pagoda in Borivalli.

How to Reach

This village beach of Aksa is near to the western railway station of Borivali and Malad. The beach is located at a distance of 9 KM from Malad west while 12 KM away from Borivali west. The village beach is also accessible via BEST buses and auto rickshaws. The suburb area of Mumbai does not provide the cab facilities. Buses are easily available from Andheri to reach Versova beach from where further buses can be taken to reach Aksa beach. The easiest way to reach Aksa beach is from Malad station.

Do and Don’ts

It is recommended one must not try to swim since the waves at the beach generally remain unsteady. There have been many cases reported of people being drowning in the waters of this beach. It is always recommended that one should move out of the beach after 7 PM since the place remains generally isolated during late evenings hence it gets unsafe.

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