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Marine Drive

Marine drive is located in the central part of Mumbai on the shores of Arabian Sea. This C-shaped concrete road runs from Nariman Point till the foot of Malabar hills. This place is liked even by the locals. The place is mostly crowded during evenings as it is the popular pathway where people prefer to take walk or sit to relax themselves. The place is at its peak of beauty at night with well lit street lamps surrounding the beach resembling a necklace adorned with precious stones and hence the name Queen’s Necklace.

During evenings, the cool breeze and sand relaxes the body and mind. Every evening, lot of people come here to take long walks.

Historical Importance of Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a 3-km long concrete road that was built between 1920 and 1930 from the land that was rescued from the sea. It is the famous walkway located in the heart of Mumbai city. The place was named as Sonapur by the locals.

Attractions of Marine Drive

One of the oldest beaches in Mumbai where one gets amazing view of sunsets is the Chowpatty beach which is always busy with small stalls and game centres. Here there are small stalls that sell snacks like Bhel Puri, Pav Bhaji, Chaats and more. This place is also famous for Walkeshwar temple where the famous celebrations take place during the Ganesh Chaturthi festivals.

Marine Drive walkway is famous for taking an evening stroll. It is the perfect place for any age group. There is a Nana-Nani park set up for elderly people which is a calm and serene place to relax during the evenings. This natural bay also forms a link to many major shopping centres and recreation clubs as well.

Marine Drive is not just for relaxation and taking walks but this place forms a place where many major live events are organised like IAF Airshow, International fleet review and more.

This place is also a hub of many major 5 star restaurants and hotels as well as the prime residential area in Mumbai. This locality is the home for many celebrities and hence, it is rated high in the real estate industry.

Best Time to Visit

Unlike any other beaches, Marine Drive is crowded all throughout the year.

How to Reach

By Road

Marine drive is located at the heart of the Mumbai city and hence anyone can reach this place easily. Buses are easily available to reach Marine Drive. Rickshaws are also easily available to reach this place.

By Rail

Mumbai is a city which is well connected with the local trains. Local trains are also an option for reaching Marine Drive. One can get down either at Bombay Church Gate railway station or at Mumbai central railway station which is only 4 kms away from Marine drive as well as it is one of the major stations in Mumbai.

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