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Redi Beach

Redi is a quaint and small coastal village which is located in the district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. The original name of Redi is Redipattanam and is quite popular for its large expanses of yellow sand filled tranquil beaches. Redi is located in very close proximity of the majestic and vast Arabian Sea and is dotted with plenty of coconut and cashew trees. This small hails from Vengurla Talkua. It used to be one of the most significant sea ports of Maharashtra in the earlier times. Nowadays, Redi is gaining immense popularity as one of the evolving tourist spots because of its unspoiled and long virgin beaches alongside the archaic historical monuments including Yashwantgad Fort.


Redi beach is extremely famous for the Redi Fort, originally known as Yashwantgad Fort, was built by Marathas during 16th century, but later, it was captured by Portuguese in 1976. The earlier citadel holders, the Maharashtra’s Sawant Clan, were quite desperate to regain the control on the fort owing to its strategic position on the sea port. The attempt of recapturing the fort was preceded by poisoning the fish supply of Portuguese garrison. However, all efforts went in vein as the attack was unsuccessful. Eventually, Redi fort was returned to the Sawants under a peace treaty, though, this success did not last for long. The fort was again captured by British in 1765 who later sold the land in and around the fort to the people in 1890 while retaining their ownership on the walls of the fort.

Beach Attractions

Old Maratha fort, the Yashwantgad Fort is the most prominent beach attractions as it is located along the Redi beach. Located just over the Goan border, this beautiful and historic fort is magical and its tree-entangled ruins look astounding and look out over the panoramic beaches on the south Maharashtran coast. The inner roofless chambers of this vast and archaic fort look amazing with dense cascades of roots of trees over the walls. Rarely visited by people, it is very easy to spend long hours wandering through this lost fortress.

Special Attractions

Redi beach is an incredible and scenic long stretch lined with beautiful and sky scraping beetle nut and coconut trees apart from mango and cashew plantations. However, there are several other tourist attractions which make this beach one of the most visited tourist spots in Maharashtra. These include:

  • The Ganesha Temple
  • The Swayambhu Shiv Temple
  • The Rampurush Temple
  • The Mauli Temple
  • The Navadurga Temple devoted to Goddess Durga
  • Yashwantgad Fort
  • Terekhol Fort
  • Shiroda and Aravali

How to Reach

Though, there is no railway station or airport that this place is specked with, but the nearby cities and towns are well connected with road, rail and air network with rest of the country.


The Goa’s International airport is the nearest airport to Redi Beach.


The Sawantwadi railway station is the nearest rail link to Redi Beach located at a distance of about 35 Km.


Redi Beach is connected to all the nearby cities and towns through a well-developed host of state buses.

Where to Stay

Being one of the popular tourist destinations, there are several beach resorts and hotels located in the close vicinity of the Redi beach. One can easily find hotels and accommodations with varying price ranges. In addition to these, locals also offer accommodations to tourists.

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