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Marve Manori Gorai

Mumbai, one of the busiest metros in India located on the coastline of Arabian Sea, is famous for small beaches and islands. Marve, Manori and Gorai are the three small beaches that are located in the north of Mumbai which is a retreat for people who look for spending some time away from their busy city life.

Marve, also known as Borivalli, is a small fishing village, but today, it is surrounded by industries. Even after the flourishing of many industries in this area, the place still holds its beauty and charm. Marve beach is one of the oldest beaches in Mumbai. Though this beach is considered unsafe for swimming due to strong currents, the place is clean and unpolluted. This is one of the reasons for attracting people to this small beach. People who come here can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. The place is dominated by Indian Navy.

Manori Beach is also a small beach which still remains unexploited even after the urbanisation of Mumbai. This beach is the weekend haven of people living in Mumbai. It is the favourite destination for night parties and it resembles Goa in many ways. Like the beaches of Goa, Manori Beach sides are bordered with palm trees and cottages. There are Spanish style row houses and bungalows which are sea facing. The main occupation of the people of this area is fishing. The major festival of this area is Narali Punaw, which is mainly celebrated with great festivities of dance and music by the kolis.

Gorai Beach is located near Manori which is less expensive than Manori. It is one of the safest and cleanest of the three beaches. Here, one can witness eye catching Sunrise and sunset. The place offers the best climatic conditions for the tourists and also the locals are very friendly and well mannered. This beach is also near the water theme parks like Essel World and Water Kingdom.

Other Attractions

The water theme parks and amusement parks like Essel world and Water kingdom are the major attractions. Also the beaches have a close proximity to the Versova Fort. Also places like Global Vipasana Pagoda and the Samudraeshwar temple are some of the other attractions in this area.

Best Time to Visit

Although the beaches can be visited anytime of the year, it is advised to avoid the beaches during the monsoons due to strong currents.

How to Reach

To reach any of these three beaches, tourist need to get down Malad railway station. Marve beach is only 40 kms away and can be reached within an hour by road. A 15 minutes ride on ferry from Borivalli can help one to reach Gorai or Manori beaches.

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