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Kashid Beach

Kashid is a beautiful beach town located in the north Konkan region of the state of Maharashtra along the shores of the magnificent Arabian Sea. It is situated at a distance of about 30 km from Alibaug. The distance between Mumbai and Kashid is 135 km. This beach is mainly popular because of its blue seas, white sand, paddy fields, rivulets and green mountains. The 3km long Kashid beach has rocky hummocks on either side along with whispering Casuarinas groves throughout the shoreline.

Kashid is arguably the best beach in the Konkan region. All through the week, rarely anybody visits this place but during weekends, Kashid has a different story to tell. There are few small hotels to be found here whereas most of the other properties are privately owned. This beach was unknown till the mid 90s when tourists started to stop-by making a short stay here during their visit to Murud Janjira.

Places of Interest

Kashid offers various historical, cultural, natural, wildlife and religious attractions in and around the locality.

Korlai Fort

This fort was built in 1521 by Portuguese and is located in the Korlai town. The fort has been constructed on a hilltop and is encircled by water body on three sides. The lighthouse is the main attraction of Korlai Fort. Anybody who wants to know about this fort can get all the information from the head light keeper if visited after 6:15 pm. History scholars and enthusiasts would be excited to visit this ruin fort for sure.

Revdanda Beach

It is an isolated beach which is a great place for relaxation and to enjoy some fresh air. The color of the sand of this beach is black that is quite unusual. One could enjoy a nice sunset experience in Revdanda Beach. The best part is that it is safe to take sea bath here.

Revdanda Beach Fort

The ruined fort is now a remnant of the rule of Portuguese in India. It is also known as Chaul Fort and Agarkot Fort. Most part of this fort is in distraught condition now, taken over by betel nut plantations. However, with water covering this fort from three parts, it looks quite good.

Phansad Bird Century

Phansad Bird Century is a must visit. Though it is a bird sanctuary, yet you would be able to find a huge collection of insects, amphibians and mammals here. The sanctuary covers a large area of 52.71 sqkm. Diverse flora and fauna make the place more captivating.

Datta Mandir

This red-domed temple, built by Swami Bramhendra, is dedicated to Shri Datta. It enjoys lush greenery in abundance sitting on the hilltop offering a picturesque view of Murud-Janjira along with the surrounding coastal area. The breathtaking view makes up for the exhausting trip to this place.

Other places of interest include the Janjira Fort, Ganpati Temple and Birla Temple.

Travelling in and Around Kashid Beach

One can enjoy the beautiful locales on foot, rented bicycles or bikes. In order to travel within the different beaches, ferry ride is ideal. Relatively safe, one can go for ferry ride during the night time as well to witness the sea in all its night glory.

Adventure/Sports/Things to Do

Surfing, trekking and camping are some of the things that you can enjoy doing in Kashid.


Kashid enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year except during the monsoon season due to heavy rainfall and raised sea level. Summers enjoy moderate temperature ranging from 25°C to 32°C. The temperature falls to the level of 20°C during monsoons. Winter lasts from December to February when mercury levels fall to 12°C.

Best Time to Visit

Kashid attracts tourists all year round. The period between October and June is considered to be the best time to visit this beach town.

Where to Stay?

There are limited but some nice hotels to be found in Kashid ranging from budget to luxury. Most of the hotels offer all kinds of modern amenities to their guests, making the stay a pleasurable experience. Moreover, one can also stay in cottages owned by local people. They serve delicious Konkan food to their guests.

How to Reach


Connectivity by train is not so good but Konkan Railway makes the place easy to access. The nearest station is Roha railway station, which is located 122 km away from Kashid.


Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the nearest, located 140 km away from Kashid in Mumbai.


Kashid is well connected with roadways. Buses are frequently available between Mumbai central and Murud, Thane and Murud, Thane-Alibaug-Murud. All these buses make a stop at Kashid.

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