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Korlai Beach

Korlai is the name of a small island that was once called ‘Morro de Chaul’. Morro in Portuguese means a small, rounded hill. The Korlai has a beach, a fort and a village named Korlai on the foothills. The fishing community speaks a local dialect ‘Kristi’ that finds its roots from a mix of Portuguese and Creole language. 

Korlai Beach is a quiet beach located in Alibaug which is about 120 km from Mumbai and takes around 2-3 hours depending on traffic. This beach is known for its white and black sands along the serene coastline of Arabian Sea and is located adjacent to a village. This is a very serene beach full accompanied with the calmness of nature.

Korlai beach is very clean and the view there is very scenic and spectacular. A quiet beach with alternate stretch of white and black sand. It was completely beautiful and seemed to stretch beyond imagination. The beach invites for the dip in the ocean and the calmness of this shore relaxes one’s mind and soul. The lighthouse is located at the end of a narrow stretch that leads to it. The route is quite photogenic and adventurous. Korlai people here speak Creole and Portuguese. On the other side of the bridge, lies the Korlai Fort within the sea and attached by the mainland by a narrow land strip through the Korlai fort through Korlai village.


Korlai fort is said to be built by Portuguese in 1521. The main gate of the fort has an inscription on it that says “no entry without fight”. The fort has 7 gates, a sweet water well, a church, a Hindu temple, a lighthouse which is used for navigation and give signals to the ships that pass by.

Before its destruction, Korlai had been described as a “magnificent fortress as strong as any other in the world”. On the inland side the place where it was prone to attack, it was protected by a ditch and could only be accessed by drawbridge. The main gate was guarded by a bronze lion and the highest tower was guarded by a bronze eagle. It was so spacious that it could contain about 7000 horses and as much men.

Some parts of this fort were rebuilt later but now it had a garrison of only 50 men. The church within the fort was used by army. Sambhaji, the son of Shivaji, tried to take over this fort but he failed. So, the fort was taken by Marathas who help it from 1739-1818.

Special Attractions near Beach

Korlai Fort

Korlai fort is also called Castle Curlew or EL moro and is a Portuguese fort located in Korlai village in Alibaug. It was built on the island of Moro de chaul that guards the way to Revdanda creek. This very position was a strategic move of the Portuguese to safeguard themselves from the attack from the sides of Korlai to Bassein beach. This fort was built in 1521 with the permission of the sultanate of Ahmednagar. The fort was moved from the hands of Portuguese to Ahmednagar sultanate and back to Portuguese and again finally to Marathas from 1739-1818. The fort is 2828 feet long and 89 feet wide. It had 305 battlement for guns and had 11 gates in total. The best part of this fort is that in the east lies the Arabian Sea and to the west lies the Revdanda creek that appears awesome when seen from the walls of the fort.

Korlai Village

The village is covered with paddy fields on one side and Revdanda creek on the other. It can be a good experience to walk through the village. The village has a temple called Bapuji temple which has local deity and framed pictures of Hindu God’s and Goddess on its walls. Even the houses of the village are brightly colored and appear very attractive. Language spoken here by villagers is “Kristi” that means mix of Portuguese, Creole and local Marathi.


Light house is near to the village. The lighthouse compound is very neat and clean. It has few cannons on display and few cabins after the gate. The lighthouse is operational and has radar that is connected to shipping ministry in Delhi. This lighthouse was built in 1955 and is fully automated and helps ships to navigate. The lighthouse is painted with bright colors of a particular pattern that enables the ship captain to find his exact location. From lighthouse, the view is amazing of fort on one side and the ocean at the other. 


There is also an abandoned church in the vicinity. One can get pictures clicked there. This church was built in 1630 for the use of army and was functional till 1728.

How to Reach Korlai Beach

By Road

Alibaug is about 100 km from Mumbai by road. Korlai beach is about 20 km away from Alibag. State transport can also be taken further to reach Korlai.

By Catamaran/Ferry

An early morning ferry can also be taken from gateway of India to Alibaug.

By Air

nearest airport is Mumbai.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of hotels in Alibaug. So, one can stay there. There are good and budget hotels available. One can find private bungalows to stay near the beach also. Guests must carry their own clothes etc.

Water sports can also be done at Kashid which is about 15km from Korlai. Guests can cook their own meals and enjoy a leisure trip in just in front of Arbiansea.

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