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Palghar Beach

Palghar is primarily an agricultural town lined with palm and coconut trees. There are lush green fields because grass is a main source of livelihood. Today, there are many industries in the area and Palghar is a flourishing town. However, Palghar Beach is the most relaxing and astounding thing to see here. It is located close to the border of Gujarat and it’s well-connected to Maharashtra’s capital city Mumbai. This has made Palghar Beach a paradise for those who love weekends. It is surprising to find serenity at a place that lies only 100 km away from Mumbai. The cool breeze of the palm and coconut trees is also refreshing.


Home to the Shirgaon Fort, Palghar is the place where Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji used as the place to keep a watch on enemies who were making their way into India via the Arabian Sea. Located close to Shirgaon beach, this fort is now in ruins but of great historical interest. Palghar is also home to Kelva Dam, which was constructed decades ago to provide a source of irrigation for agriculture.

Beach Attractions

Kelva Beach

One of the most stunning beaches of Palghar is Kelva Beach. It is a large stretch of sand soaked beach that lies along the Arabian Sea. You will see a number of Suru trees here.

Shirgaon Beach

Not one of the popular beaches of Palghar, Shirgaon Beach is particular fascinating. A superbly peaceful sea shore, it has some breathtaking views and it offers perfect solitude. This beach is also lined with tall pine trees that give visitors shade and a breeze that is unparalleled.

Special Attractions

There are many things that one can see and do in Palghar. You can visit popular as well as quiet beach spots here to enjoy your time. It can be a relaxing evening or a good time out with friends.

The nightlife in Palghar is quite exciting. It’s a great place to enjoy fast food and there are many places for those who like street food. This place also has many film theatres where you can enjoy latest Bollywood flicks.

Kelva Beach is the biggest attraction here where you can see a long sea shore lined with beautiful pine trees. The beaches have beautiful white sand.

There are some beautiful temples to see around Palghar as well. Ram Temple and Sitladevi Temple are the most popular among them. They are a must visit on your trip to Palghar.

Also, visit Shirgaon Fort for its historical significance that is also lined with palm trees.

How to Reach


The airport closest to Palghar is Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. It lies about 120 km way and is well-connected to the beach. Mumbai Airport is well-connected to most other parts of India as well as to international destinations like Singapore, US, Hong Kong and Dubai. Pre paid taxis are easily available from the airport to Palghar.


It is easy to get to Palghar via train. Palghar Railway Station is well-connected to major cities of India such as Mumbai and Pune. One can avail taxi services from here to get to Palghar city.


Many private and public buses ply to Palghar from Mumbai, Surat, Nasik and Daman.

Where to Stay

Palghar has become a popular weekend destination. That’s why, some wonderful places to stay have come up in the city as well as close to it. You can choose from affordable rooms, luxury hotels and beach resorts here. Palghar has some stunning beaches lined with beautiful beach resorts. Most places in the city tend to be booked from April to May and June to September so it’s better to book in advance during this time.

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