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Murud Karade Beach

Want to enjoy a wonderful weekend getaway? Visit Karade Beach 12 km away from Dapoli. Located on the west Maharashtra Konkan coastline, it has many things for visitors. You can enjoy watching dolphin, which is a popular activity in this place. Several local tour operators organize dolphin watching trips in boats. The Shoeak plantations that border this beach are a suitable one for relaxing mind. In addition, it is safer place for swimming activities. Anyone who wants to plan their recreational activities and collecting sea shells can select this beach for witnessing complete excitement.

The sunset view in Karade beach is a spectacular one which brings happiness and joy to a wider extent. It is becoming a popular picnic spot which invite a lot of visitors in a year. Karade beach resorts offer excellent facilities for the tourists to make their trips a memorable one. Apart from Konkani vegetarian foods, sea foods are also available in this place. Tourists can take a long walk in the morning and evening to witness excitement. The beach is considered as a good place to go and unwind. It is a best place for night fire camps to dance and sing with others.

Karade is the most awesome and longest beaches in the Konkan region. The Durga Devi temple which is located at the center of town is a very famous one. Tourists can also visit many other places which are located at a shorter distance from this town that help for relaxing both body and mind. Some of them include Panhalakaji caves, Unhavare hot water springs, Dabhol sea port, Suvarnadurg and Kanakdurg Forts. Visitors can carry out boating and other activities in this place to enjoy life. In addition, this place provides a pleasant environment for tourists. Complete details about the destination can also be known from tourist offices and others to tour this place anytime. A lot of tourists visit this place every year to take a break from busy life schedule.

How to Reach


The nearest airport is at Ratnagiri


The nearest railway station is Khed on the Western Railway line.


Karade beach is 227 km from Mumbai. There a lot of state transports buses that are operated to this place. People can hire private vehicles to reach this place.

Hotels, restaurants and resorts in Karade provide excellent facilities to visitors. The rents are a reasonable one to plan trips according to needs.

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