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Kalamb Beach

A long and secluded beach situated in Nalasopra close to city of Ahmedabad highway is named as the Kalamb beach.

This beach is located close to Rajori beach and Arnala beach. This beach has been ranked as the third beach that connects Arnala at Virar. The beach generally remains isolated and only few people come to visit this beach. There is one or two eating outlets located at this beach that sells the Chinese food stuff.

The beach is generally a spot for enjoying day picnic with family and friends. The beach is surrounded by clean and clear sand and small shells can be found scattered all along the beach. Few colorful stones can also be seen on the beach sand. The sunset view at the beach is very scenic.

Tourists are advised to carry their cameras as the beach view is very scenic.

How to Reach


The nearest rail line to reach Kalamb beach is the Nalasopra station located on the western lines. One can then take a rickshaw from the station to reach the beach. The rickshaw costs up to Rs 100 for one way trip. The state transport buses also operate from station to beach costing Rs 7 per person.

The auto rickshaw can also be taken at the cost of Rs 150 to reach from station to Kalamb.


The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai located at a distance of 36 KM from Thane.


Buses operated by BEST run from various locations of city of Mumbai to reach the Kalamb beach.

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