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Itiadoh Dam

Itiadoh Dam is among the most important dams located in the Gondia district of Maharashtra. The dam is built on the Gadvi River and was established in 1970. Itiadoh Dam is a gravity and Earth fill dam. It was built for the purpose of irrigation and for generating electricity. The dam is located about 85 Km from Gondia and serves the purpose of irrigation not only in the Gondia district but also in the surrounding Bhandara and Gadchiroli areas.

The height of Itiadoh Dam is 29.85 m and the dam is around 505 m in length. The dam features a volume of 219 cu mi and has a storage capacity of 69,294 cu mi. The area of Itiadoh Dam has been developed beautifully and it serves as an excellent picnic spot or day trip from Nagpur. Itiadoh Dam is easy to reach and its surrounding lush greenery is its draw.

There are several people from the surrounding areas that visit Itiadoh Dam and the lake. Itiadoh Dam is located just 20 Km from the Navegaon Dam. Work has been going on to develop the area of Itiadoh Dam as a conservatory because of its wetlands that attract several types of birds.

Highlights of the Area

The area of Itiadoh Dam is beautiful and immersed in natural beauty. For those looking for a place where they can relax in peaceful surroundings, Itiadoh Dam makes a wonderful spot. The area is visited by several people for a picnic or a day trip. The sound of the gushing waters and the surrounding lush greenery make Itiadoh Dam an area worth visiting.

Itiadoh Dam is also known for fish and prawn cultivation. The catchment area of the dam is specially developed for breeding prawns and the Katla variety of fish. It is possible for people to visit the fish and prawn cultivation area and get an insight into the various processes and techniques that are involved in maintaining and breeding of these marine lives.

Itiadoh Dam is truly a beautiful place to visit. There are several interesting places around the Itiadoh Dam that make it possible for visitors to make a stop at the dam. Tourists can spend an entire day at Itiadoh Dam and breathe in the fresh air and soak in the lush natural beauty of the area.

Other Attractions at the Area

There are several attractions within close reach of Itiadoh Dam. The dam is located about 85 Km from Gondia and is not very far from the Norgying Tibetan settlement. Here visitors can see authentic Tibetan carpet weaving and also buy some good carpets and other items.

The Navegaon National Park is also within close reach of Itiadoh Dam. The national park is renowned all over and attracts several visitors. There are several watch towers inside the park from where tourists can get a view of the entire area and can also spot wildlife. The park authorities also organize jungle safaris so that visitors can have a good time and explore the area in the best way. The Navegaon National Park is located around the Navegaon Dam and Lake. The wetlands and the area of the lake also attract several migratory birds during the winter season.

The Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is about 65 Km from Itiadoh Dam and is another beautiful sanctuary worth visiting. The sanctuary is home to several species of animals, birds and reptiles and also houses several species of flora.

How to Reach

Itiadoh Dam is connected by well-paved roads and can be reached easily. From Nagpur, the dam is at a distance of 153 Km and there are several tours that operate from the city to Itiadoh Dam and its surroundings.

By Air

Nagpur is the nearest airport to Itiadoh Dam. It is located about 153 Km from the dam.

By Train

The nearest major rail head to Itiadoh Dam is in Gondia. It is about 85 Km away and offers connectivity to almost all major cities of India. The Nagpur railway station is about 153 Km from Itiadoh Dam.

By Bus

The best way to reach Itiadoh Dam is by road. There are buses operating from Nagpur and Gondia and all other cities and towns nearby to the area.

Best Time to Visit

Itiadoh Dam is best visited during the winter season from October to January. This is the time when migratory birds can be seen in the area and people can appreciate the lush greenery and natural beauty of the surroundings. Visiting Itiadoh Dam just after the monsoons have ended is the best time.

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