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Bhatghar Dam

Bhatghar Dam is located about 40 Km from Pune in Bhor. The dam is built on the Yelwanti River and is a gravity dam. Bhor was a princely state during the time of British India. Today the city is located among the beautiful Western Ghats and falls under the Pune District of Maharashtra. The city is located midway between Satara and Pune and falls on NH 4. Bhatghar Dam is located near Bhor close to the village of Narhe. The dam has served as the shooting site of several Bollywood and Marathi movies. Bhatghar Dam can be reached easily by road. There are buses available from Pune or visitors can also take taxis or book car rentals to reach Bhatghar Dam.

Bhatghar Dam has a height of 57.92 m and is 1625 m long. The dam was built in 1927 and was built for generating electricity and for irrigation purposes. The dam makes an excellent short trip from Pune and is a wonderful destination for families and couples to enjoy. The area features amazing scenic beauty and is quite peaceful to relax and enjoy. Bhatghar Dam can easily be accessed from Pune. It is about 50 Km by road. Bhatghar Dam is also called as the Lloyd Dam and is known for offering water sports and beautiful sightseeing.

Bhatghar Dam is a popular picnic spot among the locals and is a great place to visit and have fun. People looking forward to enjoy some relaxing and peaceful time in natural surroundings should visit Bhatghar Dam. The dam is rated among the highest river dam walls in India. The area is worth visiting especially during the monsoon months when the area is in its full bloom. Pavilions and shelters have been built around the garden areas surrounding the dam for visitors to sit back and enjoy the exclusive views of the gushing waters and greenery.

Highlights of the Area

The area around Bhatghar Dam has been developed into beautiful and attractive gardens. Visitors can sit in these gardens and relax around. The gushing waters and the surrounding greenery are excellent to watch and enjoy. The area around Bhatghar Dam is well-developed. There are several beautifully landscaped gardens around the area and provision is also provided for water sports and other adventure activities. Boating is one of the best activities that visitors can enjoy in the area.

The Ketkawale Balaji Temple located close to the dam is worth visiting. The temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara and is an excellent replica of the Tirumala Tirupati Temple. The temple was constructed between 1996 and 2003.

Other Attraction at the Area

Close to Bhatghar Dam is the Bhoreshwar Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was the site of the shooting of the Bollywood movie Mangal Pandey. The Baneshwar Temple and the Prati Balaji Temple are located within close reach of Bhatghar Dam. The Purandar Fort also makes a great attraction to visit.

All these places are of historical importance and attract visitors from all over. All the spots can be covered in a single day easily. If visitors wish they can stay in Bhor or drive back to Pune the same day.

Tourists can also travel to the Torna Fort Raigad and enjoy amazing views of the entire area.

How to Reach

Bhatghar Dam lies is located just off the NH 4 between Pune and Satara. It is about 50 Km from Pune and can be reached by buses, taxis and cars.

By Air

The Pune Airport is the closest airport to Bhatghar Dam. The airport is about 10 Km from Pune and is connected to all the major airports in India. It is connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Bhatghar Dam is the Pune railway station. The station is connected to all the major cities by rail. Some of the main cities connecting Pune include Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, etc.

By Bus

Bhatghar Dam can easily be accessed from Pune by road. ST Buses leave regularly from Pune to Bhatghar.

Best Time to Visit

Bhatghar Dam can be visited at any time all around the year. For those looking to enjoy the lush greenery should visit it during the Monsoon months. This is when the real beauty of the area is evident and the water is in its full flow. The season just after the end of monsoons is also good to visit. The temperature is also cool and quite good for families to have fun.

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