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Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla is a huge dam and acknowledged as one of the first masonry gravity dams of the world. It is situated 20 km from Pune City of Maharashtra and is one of the key sources of water supply for the inhabitants of Pune and nearby villages. The dam also receives water from other smaller dams in the nearby vicinity – the Panshet Dam, the Temghar Dam and the Warasgaon Dam.


The Khadakwasla Dam is located on Mutha River in Pune and is named after the village of Khadakwasla situated close by. The dam was originally built in 1879 but had to be blown off in 1961 because of the heavy overflow of water from the Panshet Dam which affected its stability. The incident caused devastating floods in the city of Pune causing immense loss of property. The Khadakwasla dam was rebuilt later and has three outlets. The first one goes into the Mutha Canal, the second into a baby canal and the third one opens into the river.

Beauty of Dam

Khadakwasla dam area is blessed with natural scenic beauty and is one of the favorite weekend hangouts of people of Pune. The place takes the look of a carnival atmosphere with vast gathering of holiday crowds enjoying roasted maize corns and savories from the many Chat outlets. The Sinhgad Fort near Khadakwasla is a favorite cycling route. Cyclists using Pune to Sinhgad route on bicycles prefer stopping here for a few moments of rest and some refreshments. Children are entertained by camel rides and fast food available offered by vendors who are more in numbers on weekends.

Other Places of Attraction Nearby

The Neelkantheswar Temple

There are many places around Khadakwasla of tourist importance. The Neelkantheswar temple is a famous Shiva temple close to Khadakwasla and also hosts an open air museum of sculptures. These beautiful sculptures are made out cement and represents famous mythological characters. It is a place tourists make a point to visit when they are in the vicinity of the dam.

Mulshi Lake

Mulshi Lake, the catchment area formed by the backwaters of Mulshi dam, is the chief place of tourist attraction in Mulshi. The Mulshi Lake has a picturesque surrounding and with the vast expanse of the Sahyadri mountain terrains adding to its natural beauty. The lake is a perfect spot for weekend getaways.


Lavasa boasts of being the first planned hill city in India. Located near to Khadakwasla, it is the best place for short monsoon excursions with friends and families. The drive to Lavasa is quite an experience as the steep roads and winding ghats deliver a visually enchanting sight. Lavasa city is spread over 25,000 acres of captivating lush green settings. The lake front is spread over sixty kilometers and includes as many as seven small hills.

How to Reach

The distance from Pune to Khadakwasla is just 20 km and the roads are well constructed and smooth, making driving through the distance a quick and effortless task. From Mumbai, the road distance is 165 km. The best route is Mumbai to Lonavla bypass highway. Take the road to Warje which goes straight to Khadakwasla.

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