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Vaitarna Dam

Vaitarna Dam is situated on Vaitarna River and is a major source of water supply to Mumbai. The dam is located in Igatpuri in Nashik district of Maharashtra. The dam was a trendsetter as its successful construction way back in 1950s paved way for many such dams to be planned and constructed on similar lines in various parts of Maharashtra and India. Tourists to this part of India make it a point to visit the dam and enjoy the beautiful lagoon in its surroundings and the abundance of natural beauty the place has to offer. The backwaters of the dam offer lots of wet excitement as tourists can have fun and frolic in the nature-blessed surroundings.

History of Vaitarna Dam

The construction of the Vaitarna Dam commenced in 1950 and was completed in 1954. It is the first gravity dam of its kind. The design and concrete style of construction was repeated across India to give shape to various dam projects. The backwaters, the calm lagoon, the deep woods and the natural surroundings make this place a key center of tourist attraction for those visiting this part of Maharashtra. The dam stands 82 meters high over its lowest foundation and is 567 meters long. The maximum water level of the dam is approximately 164 meters and full reservoir level is 163 meters.

The Key Attraction Features

The pictorial environment is what draws the crowds in hordes to the dam precincts. The number of visitors proliferates during the monsoon season when the whole area gets a green, carpeted look. The background of the stunning peaks and troughs of the Western Ghats makes the place look absolutely heavenly when the skies open up. Igatpuri is a popular hill station for tourists visiting Maharashtra and at 1900 feet, it is one of the highest too. The pebbly climbs and the cascading waterfalls are sights to behold. The serenity and the quiet ambiance of the surroundings are simply unmatched.

Other Places of Attraction Nearby

The Ghatan Devi Temple

This is a place of religious importance and immense faith. It is located just a few kilometers ahead of Igatpuri and is home to the deity Ghatan Devi, also called the ‘Protector of Ghats’. Locals believe that the Goddess protects them from the dangerous twists and turns of the long-winding Ghats.

Camel Valley

Another popular place of tourist attraction in Igatpuri is Camel Valley, which is situated near the imposing Bhatsa River Valley. The rainfall creates a stunning look all over the place and this is the prime attraction for those visiting the Camel Valley. The waterfall of the Camel Valley attracts people from far and wide as it creates a dazzling view as water comes down in unending folds from a height of over 1000 feet.

Tringalwadi Lake, Igatpuri

The Tringalwadi is a must-see place destination while in Igatpuri. Managed by the municipality of Igatpuri, it is the ideal place to spend some quiet and comforting moments. The lake is small but the surrounding scenery is a real stunner because of the gigantic fort and the imposing mountains.

How to Reach

By Bus

Igatpuri is well connected by road to all the major cities and capitals of Maharashtra. State road transport buses as well as private buses are available.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Igatpuri. There are daily trains from Mumbai VT to Igatpuri.

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