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Mulshi Dam

Built on the Mula River, Mulshi Dam is a beautiful place to spend some wonderful time at. The dam is located in the Mulshi Taluk and is surrounded by exotic beauty. Flanked by the deep forests of Sahyadri ranges, Mulshi Dam is among the most visited destinations near Pune. The water from Mulshi Dam is used for producing electricity. Mulshi Dam is one of the most important electricity generating plants in Maharashtra. The beauty of the entire area of the Mulshi Lake can be seen about 6 Km from the area from Valanewadi.

Sahyadri is known for its beauty and the area of Mulshi Dam is just what the Sahyadri region is known for. Mulshi Dam is at a short drive from Pune about 35 Km away and is one of the most visited destinations by locals and tourists. The area is surrounded by hilly terrain and deep forests. The forests are covered with mango, sag, oak and teak trees. Animals like wolf, tiger, fox, leopard, deer and rabbit can be found in the area. Mulshi Dam and lake is visited by various migratory and native birds. Parrots, bulbul and peacock can be conveniently spotted in the area of Mulshi Dam.

For nature lovers, Mulshi Dam is one of the best places to visit. This is where they can enjoy the best of nature. The dam was constructed in 1927, however, commercialization of the place has been done recently. There are several farm houses in the area and a resort has been developed for the convenience of the visitors.

Highlights of the Area

Mulshi is a destination that attracts several visitors. The beauty of the lake is the major draw and people enjoy the greenery and scenic views. Visitors from far and near come to visit the Mulshi Lake because of the wonderful activities that it offers such as camping, bird-watching, trekking and photography.

The area of Mulshi Dam is surrounded by profound natural beauty. With the Sahyadri Hills and the forts of Koraigadh and Dhangad surrounding Mulshi Dam make it a favorable destination to visit and have fun.

Other Attraction at the Area

The area of Mulshi Dam is among the most popular destinations around Pune. When the area is visited during the monsoon months it is hard to believe how green an area can look and just a few kilometers from a crowded city. Just a few minutes from Mulshi Dam is the region of Tahmini Ghats about 30 Km away. It is among the most beautiful ghats that offers amazing views of hills and valleys. In the area is the ancient temple dedicated to Vanjai Mata. The drive from Mulshi Dam to the Tahmini Ghats id quite scenic and during the monsoon months several waterfalls can be seen in the area.

There is another dam about 50 Km from Mulshi, the Varasgaon Dam. The Raigad Fort is another major attraction near Mulshi Dam. There is also a rope-way near the fort that can be accessed by visitors. The planned hill station of Lavasa is a must visit for anyone visiting Mulshi. Lavasa is about 45 Km from Mulshi. Panshet is about 70 Km from Mulshi and a wonderful place for nature lovers.

How to Reach

Pune is a well-connected city by air, road and rail. From Pune Mulshi is about 35 Km and can easily be accessed by road. The highway from Chandini Chowk through Pirangut takes visitors to Mulshi. Buses from the Swargate Bus Station in Pune depart at regular towards Mulshi. Taxis can also be taken to reach Mulshi.

By Air

The Pune airport is located about 10 Km from the city center. It caters to domestic as well as international air traffic. The airport operates on the eastern side of the Lohegaon Air Base. The airport has flights connecting to Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kochi, Patna, Kolkata, etc.

By Train

Pune is accessible easily by train. There are several trains operating to Pune from Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai and other major cities of India.

By Bus

Pune is served by expressways and national highways. Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Nasik, Vijayawada and several other cities are conveniently connected to Pune by road. The main bus stations in Pune include Pune Station, Shivaji Nagar Station and Swargate Station.

Best Time to Visit

Mulshi Dam can be visited at any time of the year. The weather in the area is pleasant throughout the year and visitors can enjoy several activities around the area. The monsoon months are the best to visit the lake as the area is filled with water making the region bloom in full greenery. Mulshi Dam is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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