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Hetwane Dam

Hetwane Dam has been built on River Bogeshwari. It is located near Pen in the district of Raigad in Maharashtra. Hetwane Dam is an important dam built as an earth fill dam. Pen is a small town known across Maharashtra for making the most beautiful Ganesha Idols. The town is considered as the cultural and geographical center of the Raigad District. The area is known to have various temples that have ancient significance.

Pen is an ancient town which was under the rule of Silaharas during the 9th to 12th centuries. During the era of Shivaji several battles were fought in the area of Pen between the Marathas and the Mughals. There area was won by the Mughals and they occupied the Pen Fort but a few days later and after severe fighting the army of Shivaji got back the citadel. The Pen Fort was visited by Shivaji on two occasions in 1668 and 1674.

Hetwane Dam was built for generating electricity and for irrigation purpose. It is one of the most important dams in the area that caters to the irrigational needs. The area around Hetwane Dam is being developed into a tourist location. The dam is 158 ft. high and 2215 ft. long. The dam was constructed in the year 2000. The best time to visit the dam is during the monsoon months when the area is in its full bloom and visitors can enjoy amazing views of the lush greenery and surroundings. The area of Hetwane Dam is being developed and is likely to attract more tourists and locals. For a day trip Hetwane Dam makes a wonderful destination to enjoy a family picnic. For those looking for some fun time to enjoy with family and friends, Hetwane Dam is a great place to visit.

Highlights of the Area

The highlight of Hetwane Dam is the surrounding beauty and lush greenery. The area is filled with paddy fields for which the water from the dam serves as irrigation purpose. The area is excellent for picnics and attracts several families and youngsters. The area surrounding the dam has beautiful greenery where visitors can sit back and enjoy the views. Hetwane Dam is gradually becoming a popular destination for people to visit and unwind.

Other Attraction at the Area

The workshops in Pen are known for making the best Ganesha idols. When in the area of Hetwane Dam visitors should make it a point to visit Pen and one of the workshops to get a closer look into the hard work that it put into making these idols. The Ganesha idols made in Pen are sent to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and several other destinations.

There are several options of trekking around the area. Hetwane Dam falls under the Sahyadri ranges and this gives trekkers a lot of opportunities of exploring the area. There are many historic forts and temples around the area of Hetwane Dam that can be visited during a trip to the dam. The area also has a lot of paddy fields that can be visited. Hetwane Dam is a beautiful place for everyone to have fun.

How to Reach

Hetwane Dam is located close to the town of Pen and can be reached easily by road from Mumbai. Buses, taxis or cars can be taken from Mumbai to reach Hetwane Dam.

By Air

The nearest airport to Hetwane Dam (Pen) is the Mumbai Airport. It can be reached easily by buses, taxis or cars. Mumbai airport is among the busiest airports in India and connects to almost all major destinations in India and at international locales.

By Train

The main railway station to Hetwane Dam is the Mumbai Central Railway Station. It is about 45 Km away. The Mumbai Central Railway Station is connected to all the major cities in India and Maharashtra. Visitors can find trains from Mumbai to almost all parts of India.

By Bus

The best way to reach Hetwane Dam is to get a bus from Mumbai to Pen. Buses run frequently from Mumbai to pen and it takes about 2 hours to reach the city. From Pen visitors can take local transport to reach Hetwane Dam.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Hetwane Dam is between the monsoon months. This is the time when visitors can get to see the real beauty of the area. During the monsoon months the area is lush in greenery and the water gushes in its full strength. Tourists who wish to avoid the continuous rains can visit the dam after the rainy season.

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