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Totladoh Dam

Totladoh Dam is built on the Pench River and is a gravity dam. Located near the town of Ramtek in the Nagpur District in Maharashtra, Totladoh Dam was built for generating electricity. Ramtek is a small city located about 42 Km from Nagpur. Many believe that the town is associated with Lord Rama. It is said that during his exile, Lord Rama stayed at Ramtek. There is a small hill located close to the city, known as Ramgiri Hill. The hill houses a small temple dedicated to Lord Rama. It is said that the temple is around 600 years old. It is also said that the famous poet Kalidasa stayed in the area while penning the great epic, Meghdoot.

Totladoh Dam was built between 1975 and 1985. The site around the dam has been developed into the Pench National Park. The area was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1983 and is an important tiger reserve in the country. Totladoh Dam is around 244 ft. high and 2230 ft. long. The volume content of the dam is 233 cu mi and its storage capacity is 297757 cu mi. The area of Totladoh Dam is drenched in natural beauty and there are several beautiful spots that can be seen around the area.

People looking for a serene refuge away from the hustle bustle of the city life, Totladoh Dam is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Totladoh Dam offers the main water supply to Nagpur and the surrounding areas. It is a beautiful place to visit for a picnic or a day trip. People of all ages can enjoy at Totladoh Dam.

Highlights of the Area

The highlight of Totladoh Dam is the presence of the Pench Wildlife Sanctuary around it. The Pench National Park is a well-known destination among nature lovers, bird-watchers and trekkers. The park is home to a variety of wildlife such as sambhars, gaurs, blue bulls, langur, macaque, wild boar, wild dogs, bears, leopards and a few tigers. The park is open early in the morning and in late afternoons.

The park authorities have made provisions for safari rides for the convenience of visitors and to make it possible for them to see natural beauty and wildlife in its original habitat. The park has several seasonal streams that can be seen along the safari rides. The park serves as home to several birds and water fowl. The area is also visited by different varieties of migratory birds during the winter season. Some of the birds that can be seen in the area include Brahminy ducks, bar-headed geese, Grey-headed fishing eagle, white eyed buzzard, etc. There are also different varieties of vultures that can be seen in the area.

There are several charms inside the Pench National Park that visitors will love to see. The park is divided by the Pench River and there are several waterfalls and spots around the park that are mesmerizing. The park authorities have made it compulsory for visitors to hire guides to take a safari inside the national park. Visitors can take four wheelers or buses (25 seater) are also available.

Other Attractions at the Area

There are several attractions around Totladoh Dam that can be visited. Apart from the Pench National Park, there are several other reserves in the area that can be visited. These include Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh and the Kanha National Park.

Just 18 Km from the Pench National park is the small village of Pachdhar. Here, tourists can watch the potters at work.

How to Reach

Totladoh Dam is located about 93 Km from Nagpur and can be reached easily by road.

By Air

The nearest airport to Totladoh Dam is the Nagpur airport, about 93 Km from the area. The Nagpur airport is served by various domestic flights from different parts of India.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Totladoh Dam is the Nagpur railway station. There are several trains connecting Nagpur to Delhi, Mumbai and several other cities on the route.

By Bus

Totladoh Dam is connected by the Nagpur-Jabalpur National Highway. It is about 93 Km from Nagpur and 192 Km from Jabalpur. The driving time from Nagpur is about 2 hours. Buses are available from Nagpur to Totladoh.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Totladoh Dam is during the winter season from November to March especially after the monsoons have ended. This is the time when the seasonal streams can be seen gushing, and the entire region is lush in greenery. During the winters, the area is visited by several migratory birds from far off that look for suitable places to breed.

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