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Vihar Dam

Vihar Dam is constructed on the Vihar River. Located at a distance of 31 Km from Mumbai, Vihar Dam is located in the area of the Borivali National Park. The Borivali National Park is also known as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and serves as home to several species of animals and birds. The dam was built in 1860, to meet the shortage of drinking water and regular water supply. Vihar Dam and lake are counted among the most visited attractions of Mumbai.

Vihar Dam was constructed as an earthen embankment for creating a reservoir. Today, it is an Earth fill dam which caters to the drinking water needs of the people of Mumbai. The height of the dam is 84 ft. and it is 2680 ft. long. The volume content of the dam is about 85 cu mi. and its storage capacity is around 9946 cu mi. Vihar Dam area is well-developed and serves as a breeding ground for various species of fish and birds. During the winter months, several species of migratory birds visit the area in search of favorable breeding grounds.

For those looking for a peaceful place surrounded by natural beauty, Vihar Dam and its surroundings make an excellent destination to visit. The Vihar Lake and Dam is surrounded by the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is among the most visited places in Mumbai.

Highlights of the Area

The Vihar Lake and the surrounding Sanjay Gandhi National Park are the major highlights of the area. The Vihar Lake was also constructed in 1860 and is located between the Tulsi and Powai lakes. The Vihar Lake was considered to be the largest lake in Mumbai. The Vihar Lake is fed by the rainwater from the Powai-Kanheri Range. The area of the Vihar Lake is visited by several types of migratory birds, especially during the winter months from October to January.

There are also several crocodiles that infest the area and can often be seen lazing on the banks of the lake. The crocodiles in the area are the fresh water type, which are also known as Marsh crocodiles. The lake is not accessible to general public, but as it is a part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, it can be viewed from a distance.

Other Attractions at the Area

There are several attractions within close reach of Vihar Dam and lake. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a beautiful region to explore. There are numerous attractions inside the park that can be visited including the Kanheri Caves and the Tulsi Lake. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park attracts people from near and far. The park is often termed as the lungs of Mumbai, as it purifies the polluted air. Several types of flora and fauna can be spotted in the area.

Apart from being home to native species of birds and animals, the park also attracts several migratory birds during the winter season. Some of the animals that can be spotted inside the park include Leopard, chital, rhesus monkey, bonnet macaque, Indian flying fox, porcupine, etc. There are numerous nature trails all around the park, which tourists can use to explore the region. Trekking, rock climbing and bird watching are some of the activities that can be enjoyed in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

The Film City Complex is also located close to Vihar Dam and is easily accessible. The Mahakali Caves and the Jogeshwari Caves also attract the attention of the tourists visiting Vihar Dam.

How to Reach

Vihar Dam can be reached easily by road. It is located 31 Km from Mumbai.

By Air

The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai is about 18 Km from Vihar Dam. It is one of the busiest airports in India and serves domestic and international flights. The Mumbai airport connects to almost all major cities and metropolitans across India.

By Train

The main railway station of Mumbai, CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus), has trains leaving to all important parts of Mumbai. Alternatively, the Borivali railway station is the closest rail head to Vihar Dam. Local trains from Churchgate leave at regular intervals to the Borivali railway station. Trains are also available from CST to Borivali.

By Bus

Buses are also available from all parts of Mumbai till Borivali. From Borivali, tourists can take private transport or taxis to reach Vihar Dam. On Sundays and holidays, there are buses available from Mumbai till the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. From here, Vihar Dam can be accessed easily.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Vihar Dam is during the winter months from October to January. This is the time when the area is visited by different varieties of migratory birds. They visit the area from far off lands in search of favorable breeding grounds.

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