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Kolkewadi Dam

Kolkewadi Dam is a part of the Koyna Dam hydro-electrical project. Kolkewadi Dam is built in Kolkewadi on the Vashishti River. The dam is located about 3 Km from the village of Alore, near Chiplun in the Konkan area of Maharashtra. Kolkewadi Dam contributes to the third stage of power generation of the Koyna hydro-electric project. The main purpose of the dam is the generation of hydro-electricity. The area around the dam is not heavily populated. The spillway of the dam is in the center, and features three radial gates.

Kolkewadi Dam is 207.7 ft. high and 1631 ft. long. Kolkewadi Dam is a gravity dam and the powerhouse of the dam is constructed underground. The construction of Kolkewadi Dam has managed to change the entire look of the Ratnagiri District, and has had a positive impact on the locals residing in the area. The power generation from the dam has had a greater influence on the growth of the area and improvement in their lifestyle. Kolkewadi Dam is regulated by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board. It is considered as a big power generation project.

The area has become popular among tourists and its scenic views and greenery is the main draw. People visiting Ratnagiri make it a point to stop at Kolkewadi Dam, to imbibe its beauty and the natural surroundings. Kolkewadi Dam has a large storage capacity and has the ability to make the area self-sufficient in all means.

Apart from generating electricity, the water from Kolkewadi Dam is also used for irrigation that has helped the farmers in the area. The dam has resulted in making the area of Ratnagiri, self-sufficient. Several people from the surrounding areas come to visit Kolkewadi Dam, because of the sheer beauty of the surroundings and for a peaceful atmosphere.

Highlights of the Area

The area Kolkewadi Dam has quickly become a tourist destination in the Ratnagiri District. The area is a popular picnic spot and an entire day can be spent in the beautiful surroundings. Even though the locality behind the dam is sparsely populated, it is being developed and newer facilities are being provided in the area.

During the monsoon months, the area receives a lot of rainfall and is immersed in greenery. People visiting the area of the dam just after the monsoon months, can enjoy the flourishing greenery in the area and also see the water gushing in the dam in its full speed. The area of Kolkewadi Dam is surrounded by hilly terrain of the Konkan region and adds a lot of beauty to the area. Tourists visiting the area of Kolkewadi Dam are impressed by the natural appeal and the serene surroundings.

Other Attractions at the Area

There are several beautiful attractions around Kolkewadi Dam that can be visited. The Kumbharli Ghat is a mountain pass across the Western Ghats. The area is popular among nature lovers. The ghat is located along the Karad-Chiplun highway and connects the Ratnagiri District with the Satara District. The ghat is at an elevation of 625 m.

The Koyna Dam is also located, not far from Kolkewadi Dam. The Koyna Dam is among the largest dams of Maharashtra and serves the purpose of generating hydroelectricity and irrigation water supply. The small town of Koynanagar also attracts several visitors because of its beautiful surroundings.

How to Reach

Kolkewadi Dam is located about 3 Km from the village of Alore. The nearest major point of connection to Kolkewadi Dam is Chiplun, about 18 Km away from the dam. From Chiplun, tourists can hire different modes of transport to reach Kolkewadi Dam.

By Air

The closest major airport to Kolkewadi Dam is in Mumbai. The airport is around 250 Km from Chiplun, and can be reached by bus, taxi or train.

By Train

The nearest rail head to Kolkewadi Dam is in Chiplun, about 15 Km from Alore Village. There are several trains available from Mumbai to Chiplun every day.

By Bus

Buses both luxury A/C and non A/C are available from Mumbai to Chiplun. A ticket for the luxury buses can cost anywhere between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1300.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Kolkewadi Dam is during the monsoon months. This is the time when the area is covered with various shades of green, and its complete beauty is visible. The water too gushes with its full force, creating a magical scene. The winter months from November to March, are also good to visit Kolkewadi Dam.

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