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Navegaon Dam

Located in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra is the popular Navegaon Dam. The dam is built on a local river and is about 142 Km from Nagpur. The area around the dam has been developed into the Navegaon National Park and bird sanctuary that attracts a number of visitors every year. The dam and the sanctuary are located in the eastern part of Maharashtra. The area has a beautiful lake located amidst hills and there is a watch tower that overlooks the lake. Visitors can go up the watch tower, to get complete views of the surrounding area and forests.

Navegaon Dam is an Earth fill dam, with a height of 11.58 m and is 625 m in length. The dam has a capacity of 11022 cubic miles. Navegaon Dam was constructed by Kolu Patel Kohli at the beginning of the 18th century. The catchment area of the dam is known as the Navegaon Lake, around which spans the Navegaon National Park. In total there are seven peaks surrounding the Navegaon Lake and on each peak is a temple. Visitors can hike up these peaks to visit the temples, and enjoy amazing views of the surroundings. Navegaon Dam is a popular destination among nature lovers and bird watchers.

During the winter months, Navegaon Dam is visited by several migratory birds that make the area special and a hotspot for bird watchers. The area around Navegaon Dam was established in 1975 and serves as home to several species of wild animals and birds. The Navegaon Lake is a beautiful destination to enjoy boating, and for enjoying the surround views of nature.

Highlights of the Area

The highlight of Navegaon Dam is the Navegaon National Park. The national park comprises of a deer park, an aviary, three well-laid out gardens and the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Through meandering trains around the forest area, visitors can reach the Navegaon Lake which is surrounded by seven hills. The crystal clear waters of the lake make a beautiful sight and attract tourists. The Navegaon Lake spreads over an area of 11 square kilometers and has a small island sitting in the center. The island is known as the Mal Dongar. Tourists can visit the island through boat rides and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Navegaon National Park is home to as many as 26 species of mammals, 9 species of reptiles and over 209 species of birds. The most commonly spotted animals in the region include wolves, jackals, tigers, leopard, panthers sloth bear, langoors, gaurs, sambhars and chital. The Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary houses more than half of the bird species found in Maharashtra. Every winter, migratory birds visit the sanctuary in search of favorable climate and breeding grounds.

The park authorities also arrange for jungle safaris and walks across the various trails, that take visitors through the best views of nature. The forest department has built five watch towers and seven watch cabins across the sanctuary. These points serve as excellent lookout points for visitors, so that they can get complete views of the surroundings forest area. The forest department also runs a small museum, interpretation center and a library for the convenience of the visitors. There are also cottages and huts inside the sanctuary where visitors can stay overnight.

Other Attractions at the Area

There are several beautiful places that can be visited, within close proximity to Navegaon Dam. The area of Pratapgad is about 15 Km from Navegaon Dam and makes an excellent place to visit. The Tibetan Camp at Gothangaon is also within close reach of the dam. There is another dam within close proximity to the area, the Itiadoh Dam. This area also has been developed beautifully and attracts several tourists.

One of the prime places of interest around Navegaon Dam is the Nagriza Widllife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located about 60 Km from Navegaon and is a lovely place to visit and spend some time at.

How to Reach

Navegaon Dam can be reached easily by road. The nearest town to the dam is Navegaon, located about 10 Km away. Navegaon is about 142 Km from Nagpur and is connected by good roads.

By Air

The nearest airport to Navegaon Dam is in Nagpur. The airport is about 150 Km from Navegaon and can be reached by road. Nagpur airport has flights connecting to all major cities of India.

By Train

The closest rail head to Navegaon Dam is the Deulgaon railway station, located about 2 Km from Navegaon. This rail head is located on the Gondia Chandrapur rail route and several trains make a stop here. The other major railway stations include Gondia, which is 65 Km away and Nagpur, which is about 150 Km away.

By Bus

Navegaon Dam can easily be reached by road. Public buses can be taken from Nagpur to reach Navegaon bus station. Buses are also available from Gondia and Arjuni.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Navegaon Dam is during the winter months, when migratory birds can be seen in the area in large numbers.

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