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Durga Devi Temple

The famous Durga Devi Mandir or temple is located just 1.5 km from Guhagar post office. Guhagar is an important place in the Konkan strip that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea. The 720 km stretch is known for its stunningly beautiful natural landscapes and miles and miles of pristine white beaches. The Durga Devi Temple is an important religious destination for visitors to Guhagar and is the Kul-devata of many communities of Guhagar including the Khambete, Khare, Oak, Sharangpani, Kanitkars and others.

Inside the Durga Devi Temple

The Durga Devi Temple is a beautiful and serene place. There is an unmistakable sense of peace and divinity the moment you step inside the temple complex. Interestingly, there is a lake inside the complex which adds to the beauty of the place.  The ancient construction of the temple is a great sight for the eyes as the solid wooden pillars and creatively crafted marble statutes of the Goddess keeps you riveted for long. The temple is a great place to spend your time away from the din and hustle-bustle of city life. The sounds of melodious spiritual hymns that are chanted regularly inside the Durga Devi Temple can be truly a mind-awakening experience. Durga Stotras and other religious songs are recited early in the morning.

Places to Visit Nearby

The main attraction of Guhagar, apart from the various temples is obviously the beach. Acclaimed as one of the cleanest and safest beaches along the Konkan strip, the beach is about six kilometer long and is soaked in Konkan culture in many ways. In local dialect, Guhagar means Cave House but the place does not resemble a cave by any stretch of imagination. In fact, it is a topical paradise par excellence and is drenched in natural beauty.

The long, silvery white beach attracts thousands of local, domestic and international tourists every year.

Guhagar offers a more spectacular view in the monsoon. The serenity of the place gets enhanced many times as waterfalls and water bodies start making their appearance all over the place. It rains incessantly from June to August. The area receives about 150 inches of rain on an average every year.

Other Temples to Visit in Guhagar

Vyadeshwar Temple

The Vyadeshwar Temple at Guhagar is a famous temple of Lord Shiva. The deity is said to be the kuldaivat of many Chit-pavan Brahman families of Konkan. Located right in the center of Guhagar town, the Vyadeshwar Temple has many smaller temples inside the complex. Free accommodation is offered by the temple authorities for those who wish to stay here for a day or two.

Ufrata Ganpati Mandir

This temple is a unique structure as the deity is kept facing the shore, which is the west side; something rarely done in Hindu religious practices. Deities in most temples face the east or the direction of the rising sun. The term Ufrata means reverse which signifies this anomaly. The main attraction is the huge entrance and passage.

Kopri Narayan Mandir

This temple is located in an area called varacha pat or the northern side of Guhagar and is a temple of Lord Vishnu. The complex also houses a temple of Lord Hanuman. Next to the Mandir there is an open air theatre where artists perform and enact plays during festivals. There is also a common community kitchen too.

How to Reach Guhagar

By Bus

There are many state and private bus services connecting Guhagar to other major cities in Konkan as well as Pune and Mumbai. Guhagar is about 40 km from Chiplun and about 6-7 hours drive from Pune. The National Highway 17 connects Chiplun to Mumbai.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Chiplun on the Konkan Railway. Chiplun is connected to Mumbai and Pune by trains that run via Konkan.

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