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Ballaleshwar Pali

India is a country which is recognized for its unity in diversity. This diversity is seen in everything, especially in the religions, religious practices and beliefs. Lord Ganesha, the elephant faced God is believed and respected all over India. He is believed to remove all the obstacles faced by people in their lives and bring about happiness and peace into their lives. There are different temples devoted to Lord Ganesha, but special importance is given to the eight Ganesha temples that are situated in Maharashtra.

Ballaleshwar is located in the village of Pali which is 30 kms from Karjat in Raigarh district in Pune. It is the only temple among the eight temples which is named after a devotee. The origin of the temple dates back to 11th century. Initially, the temple was just a wooden structure which was rebuilt by Shri Moropant Phadanvis in 1707 during the reign of Peshwas. The wood work and stone work all around the temple has been done very artistically. The walls and statues are noticeable and attractive. In 1910, the front of the temple was renovated by a devotee named Shri Krishnaji Narayan Pinge. The idol of Shri Ballaleshwar is 3 feet tall and has a diamond in the eyes and navel.

There are two sanctums here one is the inner sanctum and the other is outer sanctum. The idol at outer sanctum is called Dhundi Vinayak and inner sanctum is the Ballaleshwar. The idol is situated in such a way that the sunrays fall directly on the idol during the month of December and January.

History of Ballaleshwar Temple

The eight temples of Lord Ganesha are of special importance as it is believed that in all these places, the idols are Swayambhu or self-manifested. There is a story behind the formation of Ballaleshwar temple. As per legend, there lived a businessman in the village of Pali named Kalyan, his wife Indumati and their son Ballal. One day while playing with his friends Ballal finds a stone and on his insistence, he and his friends start humming hymns and offer prayers. The kids get so engrossed in the prayers that they forget to return home. Worried, the parents of other kids complain to Kalyan and in rage Kalyan punishes Ballal and breaks the stone which the kids were worshipping. Hurt and wounded, Ballal prays to Lord Ganesha who appears before the boy and blesses him. Ballal in his prayer requests Ganesha to stay at Pali and bless the people and free them from their miseries. Thus, Lord Ganesha pleased with the boy’s prayers and sincerity, agrees to his wishes and vanishes into the stone. From that day onwards, the temple gets the name as Ballaleshwar or Ballal’s Lord.

The stone that Kalyan broke is known as Dhundi Vinayak which is a Swayambhu Murti, hence worshipped before the Ballaleshwar idol.

Best Time to Visit

The temple can be visited anytime of the year.

How to Reach

By Road

Pali, located in Karjat in Raigarh district, is well connected with good roads and frequent bus services are available from Mumbai, Thane and Pune to reach here. From Mumbai-Goa highway, Pali is only 8 kms away. Pali is 35 kms away from Mumbai Pune highway.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Pali is Panvel and Khopoli. If you are coming via Konkan route, then Nagothana is the nearest railway station which is only 13 Kms away from Pali.

By Air

As there are no airports near Pali, the nearest airports are Mumbai or Pune airport.

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