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Naroshankara Temple

On the banks of Godavari River is located the Naroshankar temple in Panchvati area that was built in 1747 by Naroshankar Rajebahaddur. The architecture of the temple is named as the “Maya” style. The architecture of the temple is said to be the most astonishing works of architecture done during the 18th century. The temple has been built on a raised platform. The sculpture outside the temple is more astonishing than its interiors. There are different decorative layers in the temple where one layer is adorned like a lace work, the other resembles a peacock that holds the beaded garlands. The four directions are adorned with effigies of Saint Padmasana where one has rosary on his hand while the other is holding a holy book, these sculptures are of scholars. Currently, these sculptures have been destroyedwith the passage of time. The other figurines adorning the walls of temple are those of animals like monkeys, tigers, elephants etc. The existence of these figurines speaks about the richness of Hindu culture.

An 11 feet rampart bounds the entire temple. The corners of the temples have umbrellas that are named as “Meghadambari” or the “Barsati”. During floods in Godavari, one of these umbrellas was washed off and currently, one can view only three umbrellas. The front part of the rampart is adorned with a “Bell House” that has a huge bell called as the “Naroshankar Bell”. The bell speaks about the victory over the Portuguese during which Bajirao Peshawa’s, a Maratha ruler’s younger brother Chimaji Appa conquered Vasai fort. Chimaji Appa removed this bell from the fort as a symbol of victory and later erected the bell in the temple. The bell has been made using bronze metal and is six feet in diameter with an engraving 1921. The jingles of the bells can be heard as far as 5 miles. This bell is under renovation by Municipal Corporation of Nasik.

How to Reach

The nearest rail line to reach the temple is just 2 km away and is the Nasik Railway station.

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