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Nasik Panchavati

One of the living accommodations of Lord Ram, Sita Mata and Lakshman was Panchvati where they stayed during exile period. The northern part of the city of Nashik is where Godavari River flows and has been named as Panchvati. This area is known as Panchvati since it has five Banyan trees in the area. This area falls under Dandakaranya forest and taking a dip in the holy water of this area helps to clean the sins of the devotee. The area of Panchvati also has a cave named after Sita Mata since she stayed for some time in this cave during the exile. Nasik Panchvati can be visited throughout the year.

Attractions of Panchvati

Sita Gumpha

This place is believed to be the place where Sita stayed when King Ravana kidnapped her. The cave is located on the western end of Kalaram temple.
The cave is adorned with the idols of Lord Ram, Lakshman and Sita. The entrance of the cave is through slender staircase. The left part of the cave has another cave dedicated to Siva Lingam.

Kalaram Mandir

Peshwas built the temple of Kalaram Mandir that adorns the idol of Lord Ram. Idols of Lakshman and Sita are colored black and have decorated garlands and ornate. The shrine has a dome that has been made with copper and plated with gold add additional beautification to the temple. The height of the temple is around 70 feet. The festivities like Ram Navami, Sita Ram Navami and Dusshera are celebrated by the locals with all pomp and show. The temple has been built using black colored stone and almost 12 years took for the completion of the temple.


The place is believed to be where Lord Ram took his bath during the period of exile. Till today, this is worshipped for taking the holy dip by the devotees. It is believed that if the mortal remains are immersed in the kunda they immediately get absorbed. The mortal remains of Gandhiji were dropped in the Ramkund. Many Sadhus, devotees and pilgrims take a holy dip in this kunda at the time of Kumbha Mela.

Ganga Ghat and Kumbha Mela

This is place where several religious activities take place is surrounded by River Godaveri. The ghats around the banks of river are very well maintained and have number of temples. The people taking holy dip in this river also recite holy words when they perform the last rites and rituals of their family member.

Taking bath in Ganga Ghat is considered to be very pious and it is believed that taking a dip in Ganga cleans the sin. The River appears grandiose during the time when several oil lamps float in the water of the river.

Kumbh Mela that happens after every 12 years is celebrated with all zeal at the four pilgrims in India. The pilgrim named Trimbakeshwar in Nashik in state of Maharashtra celebrates this festival.

How to Reach

By Road

Local transport buses and buses run by Maharashtra State Transport travel through different parts of the city to reach Panchvati.

By Rail

Nasik railway station is the closes rail line to reach the Nasik Panchvati temple.

By Air

Nasik Ozar airport located at distance of 20 kms the closest airport to reach the temple.

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