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Chintamani Temple

In the town of Theur close to Pune is Chintamani Temple, a temple devoted to Lord Ganesha. The temple is located about 25 Km away from Pune and is a well-known Ashtavinayaka temple in the area. It is among the eight popular shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesha in Maharashtra and is approved as the fifth stop among the eight temples of Lord Ganesha in Maharashtra. However, some people make it their second stop in their Ashtavinayaka circuit.

The village of Theur is located at the convergence of River Bhima and the conjoint rivers of Mula Mutha. Chintamani Temple houses the Chintamani form of Lord Ganesha. It is believed that this form of the lord helps people get rid of all tensions and brings about a sense of peace and calm. The temple is linked to Morya Gosavi and it is believed that the present structure of the temple was built by his progeny. The temple was built by Dharanidhar Maharaj Dev, a descendant of Morya Gosavi. Since then several devotees have contributed in renovation of the temple. However the original temple is said to be existent since ages.

Chintamani Temple was also a spiritual destination for the Peshwa rulers particularly for Madhavrao I who took the responsibility of renovating and making additions to the temple. The temple is popular for several reasons and has a lot of religious importance.

The temple can easily be reached from Pune. Regular state operated buses run from Pune to Theur. These buses can be boarded from Poolgate or Sarasbag bus stand. Pilgrims can also take taxis and cars from Pune. Driving on the Pune Solapur highway there is a spot Loni from where a road leads to Theur.

Architecture and Surroundings of Chintamani Temple Theur

The main entrance of the temple faces north. There is a concrete road from the temple till the Mula Mutha River. The main hall in the temple is made of wood and there is also a black fountain in the main hall. The yard of the hall is huge and well-paved. The temple courtyard also has a small shrine for Lord Shankar. In the main temple, there is a huge bell hanging from the ceiling.

The idol in the temple faces east and is self-emanated. The idol features a trunk to the left side. The eyes of the idol are studded with diamonds. An important feature of the temple is that it has a separate meditation hall known as the Overry.

Legend of Chintamani Temple Theur

There are a few legends attached to the temple. As per mythology, once the creator Brahma felt the tharva and called upon Lord Ganesh to put his mind to peace. The place where Lord Brahma attained peace is known as Theur.

Another legend in the temple elaborates how Lord Ganesha recovered the Chintamani jewel from King Gana for his ardent devotee saint Kapila. King Gana was a headstrong ruler who once visited the abode of the Saint Kapila. The sage has the Chintamani Ratna with the help of which he could provide his guests with food and other delicacies. Ganaraj was impressed by the jewel and asked the sage for it. After the sage refused to part with the jewel, Ganaraj obtained it forcefully.

Saint Kapila was a devotee of Goddess Durga who advised the sage to get help from Lord Ganesha. He prayed to Lord Ganesha who responded to him and fought Ganaraj to obtain the Chintamani. However, by the time Lord Ganesha got the jewel for Kapila he had lost interest in it and gifted it to Lord Ganesh. Saint Kapila then tied the jewel around the neck of Lord Ganesha and he was since then also known as Chintamani Vinayaka. All these incidents took place under a Kadamba tree and for this reason Theur is also called as Kadambanagar.

Celebrations at Chintamani Temple Theur

Chintamani Temple celebrates several festivals and conducts various programmes. One festival is conducted in Bhadrapada Shuddh from first to sixth. Another festival is conducted in Magh Shuddh from first till the eighth.

The priests at the temple conduct special abhisheks and pujas on request of devotees. During Angaraki and Shankashti devotees cook food and distribute it in the temple. The death anniversary of Rama Madhav is also observed in the temple. It is observed on the Kartik Vaidya Ashtami.

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