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Kanakeshwar Temple

Kanakeshwar Temple is situated on a hill top in the village of Mapgaon around 12 km from Alibaug, the headquarters of Raigad district. The temple is located at 1200 feet high above sea level. The devotees have to walk quite a bit to reach the temple. But the long walk of climbing around 750 steps is worth it because Kanakeshwar Temple is serene, beautiful and sacred.

Built in 1764, Kanakeshwar Temple is surrounded by scenic atmosphere replete with the greenery of forest and silence of the hill and thus has a feel or tranquillity to it. Kanakeshwar Temple is built in Hoysala style and is around 54 feet in height. The sanctum sanctorum houses a 4 feet long Shivling. The gate of the temple has a beautiful lion sculpted on it flanked on both sides by lamps.

Another feature of Kanakeshwar Temple is ‘Pushkarni’ a miraculous water tank that is filled with water throughout the year. It is unfortunately closed to visitors now. There are other temples too in the premises.

As one climbs the hill, there are two places of importance, one known as a place of snakes or ‘Nagobacha Tappa’ and the other known as ‘God’s steps’ or ‘Devachi Payari’. The latter is so known because it is believed that God placed his steps here to visit the temple. The annual temple fair is held during Kartik Poornima.

How to Reach

By Air

The only nearest airport, around 113 km from Alibaug is Mumbai airport.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Pen and from there, one can take a bus or any other transport service to Alibaug. Ferry service is a more convenient option.

By Road

The road route is perhaps the best option because of the bus services available to Alibaug from main stations.

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