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Harishchandreshwar Temple

When we talk of the history of Maharashtra, this temple holds a very special place on records as it is 4000 years old ‘Skand Puran’ and is said to be the most important pilgrim place. The temple that stands tall has been built by Zanz from the Shilahaar Family which was ruling Sahyadri and Maharashtra in the 6th Century AD. It was till 4th century to 9th century when the royal family ruled and many forts that were made in that time have now gained immense importance and also, during the Maratha rules in the 17th and 18th century.

Those who visit this temple are spellbound with its beauty. The Harishchandreshwar temple has some really fine art carvings sculptures made out of stones that dates back to the Ancient India. This temple stands at a height with 16 ms for the base. One can also spot those few ancient water tanks and caves. Also, it is said that the river Mangal Ganga originates from one of these tanks that are closely located to the temple. The top cover of the temple has a very north Indian touch to it. The décor resembles it. One can also see one such similar temple in Buddha Gaya. One can also spot that typical tomb like constructions. The three main caves near the temple are also some must visit places. One can also find drinking water at the cisterns located close to the temple. Also there is another temple just very close to this one named as Kashitirtha. The thing that calls for most of the tourists is that it has been carved out of just one huge rock. One can enter this temple from all the four sides. The main entrance of the temple has the sculptures of faces. Also there is Devnagri inscription on the entrance of the left side of the temple. This is said to be a beautiful hill station and is an amazing weekend getaways for those in Pune, Ahmednagar and Thane. This beautiful temple with some more attractions around it surely calls for many tourists to this location. Also, the location of this temple is extremely beautiful. This mini hill station has everything that one would want for a quiet and calm weekend.

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