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This temple is made of marble in honor of the various Hindu gods. It is situated on the suburbs of the city Nashik on the Nashik Road that is the western state in Maharashtra. This temple is operated by a private trust that was made after a huge donation by the local industrialist Mr J D Chauhan-Bytco.

This temple houses the exact replicas of the 12 jyotirlingas that have been made exactly of the same dimensions as compared to the real and original deities. These jyotirlingas have been made sacred as they were sent to their original centers of pilgrimage. The marble of the temple is originally from Makrana in Rajasthan and has been beautifully made by the Rajasthani sculptors. One can see the 18 chapters of Geeta imprinted on the walls of the temple. One can also get to see the idols of the main gods and goddess of the Hindu mythology apart from the 12 original like jyotirlingas. This temple is seen to be the most crowded during the very famous ‘Kumbh Mela’ where one can see people thronging from different part of the country.

This temple is commonly known because of it6s magnificent sculpting and the unique architecture of the make. This temple is around 7 km on the south east direction and is close to the Nashik railway station. It houses almost all the idols of the main gods and goddesses worshiped in India.

Best Route to Visit Muktidham

One can reach Nashik by train as it is an important city in Maharashtra and has regular trains connecting all over India. This place has a railway station of its own and the distance from railway station to the temple is not much. One can easily cover this distance by hiring a taxi.

Also the very famous MSRTC buses ply regularly that connects Nashik to the other major cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune and Aurangabad. These buses are AC buses and one of the most comfortable options available.

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