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Kopineshwar Mandir

Kopineshwar Mandir is located on the narrow Station Road of Thane, Mumbai. It is among the most sacred supporter temples in the area and is a visited by many local devotees as well as tourists. At the gateway of temple, an individual is welcomed by big Nandi, the bull of Lord Shiva. The major deity temple of Shiva has Shivalinga which has the diameter of almost five feet and its height is also five feet. It is assumed that the Shiva Linga grows in height each year and said that the day when it will touch the roof of the temple, a Pralayam will happen.

There are six small temples inside the Main Shiva shrine complex which are dedicated to Ram, Shitala Devi, Brahma Dev, Maruti, Kalika Devi and Uttareshwar. Just opposite to the small shrine of Kalika Devi there is another shrine which is dedicated to Gayatri Devi. Many of these temples offer the striking and appealing view of the temple. The old red roof tiles and its wooden structure are truly grabs your attention. Being located in the busy Thane station road, the temple complex still offers the quiet and peaceful ambience to devotees.

Thane city is the governmental headquarters of the Thane District in the Maharashtra state. Thane is located at a distance of 30 kilometres from Mumbai's central part. Thane is well-connected with Mumbai and other near cities via major rail lines and roads. There is also a national highway, which connects the Thane city road to other significant place like Pune, Nashik etc. Thane is also known as the City of Lakes but if one follows Vaastu Shastra, the lakes, canals and rivers are perfect if they are east or north direction of the Temple or house. Initially, this famous Shiva temple was also laid on the Masunda Lake bank which is generally known as Talao Pali. But now the municipal garden and the road which is running next to the Kopineshwar temple Complex separated it from the lake.


The Silhara dynasty rulers led Thane amid 810-1240 AD. They were the dedicated followers of Lord Shiva and therefore they constructed the Kopineshwar Temple during their era. It is the belief that this temple has been created in the tribute of Kopineshwar which was seen under water. In 1760, Sarsubhedar Ramaji Mahadeo Bivalkar rebuilt the temple when Salsette was caught by the Marathas. In 1879, the temple was again renovated by the Hindus. Since then, many developments have taken in the temple premises.

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