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Shree Kshetra Korthan Khandoba Devasthan

Shree Kshetra Korthan Khandoba Devasthan is one of the oldest temples as well as a Devasthan located on the hills of Pimpalgaon Rotha. The big temple is constructed at the level of 951 meters on this hill in the city of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.


The ancient temple of Shree Kshetra Korthan Khandoba was constructed in 1491, while the mandir complex was entirely renovated by the nearby villagers in 1997 when the Suvarna Kalash was placed on Champashasti by the famous Param Pujya Shree Shree Gagangiri Maharaj. Subsequently, the day of foundation in 1997 became an integral part of the yearly celebrations at this temple. A number of Satsangs and Harinam Sankirtan take place here on this day on an annual basis. During this time, over 15 lakhs devotees visit this temple and pay homage to Lord Khandoba. The earlier customs of sacrificing goats to the god was banned in 1987.

The Devasthan

Lord Khandoba deity is a form of the Lord Shiva and this is being worshiped with great devotion by the people of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat Goa and other states of India since ancient times.

According to Hindu calendar, day of Shukla-Margashish month is special. It is therefore celebrated as Shree Khandoba Avtaar-Diwas. It is believed that on Paush Poornima, Shree Khandoba got married to Mhalsabai and thus the community celebrates the day followed by Yatra Mahotsav.

On the day of Paush Poornima, the entire complex gets overcrowded whilst inhabitants from most of the adjoining states come to Lord Khandoba to convene pooja-path and get blessings of the lord. The image of Khandoba is believed to have not been made by human hand. It is also said to have been naturally found or self-generated.

This is why, it is also referred to as Kor-than or untouched. The devotees get darshan of the Lord in its form of Swayambhu Rocky tandala/stone. Mhalsa and Banai are also found in Tandala, while the frontier part is surrounded by other 12 swayambhu lingas. People come here for darshan and pray to the lord to fulfill their wishes and seek blessings.

Features of Shree Kshetra Korthan Khandoba Devasthan

  • One can easily access this famed temple of Ahmednagar, being an important district of Maharashtra.
  • Two distinct high roads move to Pune as well as the town of Ahmednagar, which are seen from the temple.
  • Under Pradhanmantri Gramsadak Yojna, a number of toilets, Dharmashala and Sambhamandap are being built on the roadways towards the devasthan and street-lights now enable people to move to the mandir without difficulty. 
  • In recent years, a movie by the name of Korthancha Khanderaya, a Marathi film has been produced here that made the Devasthan more popular in adjoining states and other parts of the country.
  • One can acquire Audio/Video cassettes from the temple office.
  • This famous temple is awarded as Group B temple by Government of Maharashtra while the B category temple foundation community has offered 70 lakhs to the devasthan trust in order to increase different facilities in the temple.

The Holy Yatra

Every year on Poornima of Hindu month Paush, a great Yatra is organized by this temple. The celebration is arranged for consecutive three days out of which the second day is highly popular because of a bullock cart race called the Gaade. This race consists of innumerable pairs of bullocks integrated with Bhandara on their entire body. At times, some bullocks are also led by a horse with a rider.

An especially dedicated pathway is prepared for this unique event on the temple’s right side whilst a new pathway has now been made at the hills of Bhandara Doongar. The third or last day of this yatra is also called as Kathya.

On Kathya, long wooden sticks of around 35-50 feet in length are covered by cloths in different colors and roped to provide support. While the first stick arrives at the temple of Pimpalgaon Rotha, the other kathya follows such as Belhe and Aale. As the kathya touches the temple’s top and Kalash, the celebration of Yatra of God Khandoba is declared as finished.

How to Reach There

One can avail direct bus from Parner to Pimpalgaon Rotha to reach this early in the morning. Other buses are also available from different parts of Ahmednagar to Pimpalgaon. Nearest airport is Pune and the nearest Railway Station is Ahmednagar. By road Parner to Pimpalgaon Rotha is 25 Km.

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