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Walkeshwar Temple

Walkeshwar is a prosperous area located in South Mumbai. It is popular for the Walkeshwar Temple and Banganga Tank. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva lies in close proximity to Banganga Tank.

History says that when Lord Ram stopped in his way to Lanka to get rid of his wife Sita from Lankesh Ravana, he was intimidated to worship Lord Shiva by Saraswats. So he sent his younger brother Lakshman to bring the Shivlinga. Meanwhile, he started making a Shivalinga of sand and it is called Valuka Iswar or Walkeshwar.

Ban Ganga

Later on, when Ram was looking for water, he shot an arrow that led to a flowing Ganga River. Therefore, it is called Banganga. However some people say that Banganga was brought by Lord Parshuram who fired it from the mainland. Water supplied to the tank is received from the underground spring of Ban Ganga irrespective of its closeness to the sea.

Hundreds of years ago, Walkeshwar Temple and Banganga were constructed by Lakshman Prabhu a, popular Saraswat Brahmin. It was demolished by the Portuguese while they ruled Mumbai. However, the temple was later reconstructed by industrialist Rama Kamath who was another gaud Saraswat Brahmin.

One sees enthusiastic worshippers in Walkeshwar on every full moon and new moon at every month. This temple is now a place to a grand music festival that is held on a yearly basis here. The temple boundary also includes Malabar Hill, which is close to Hanging Gardens and Raj Bhavan. The gardens are filled with a large count of Gulmohar Trees that make the place charming in every season.

A view of this temple from neighboring buildings with one side towards sea simply cannot be explained in words.

Gowda Saraswat Seat

On the western side of this tank, Shri Kashi Math is the popular religious seat of Gowda Saraswat. In the Math Bhavan, two samadhis are made, one that belongs to Shri Madhavendra Tirth. Myths say that Shri Swami took in Samadhi even he was alive so it is considered as a highly influential and potent samadhi or Jeevat Samadhi.

The second samadhi belongs to Shri Varadendra Tirth. Every year a large festival for seven days is organized that begins from Nag Panchami. An Amrit Mahotsav is also held here, when a lot of arrangements are made at the banks of Banganga that is also worth seeing.

On bank northner side, Shri Kaivalya Math branch has been made that is influenced by Shri Muralidhar Krishna and Mother Goddess Bhadra Kali.

The temple also has an idol of Adi Guru Gowdapadacharya, who is said to have discovered Shri Kaivalya Math. People can also visit other samadhis of previous Swamijis of this math. Every year Shri Ganesha festival is celebrated here in a holy and luxurious manner.

Parshuram Temple

This temple is present to the east side of Banganga Tank and maintained by GSB Temple Trust that also looks upon the maintenance of Walkeshwar Temple and Banganga Tank. It is the huge heritage destination of whole Saraswats who live in Mumbai.

Rameshwar Temple

This temple is also considered one of the most graceful temples in Mumbai near Walkeshwar. Walkeshwar Temple is surrounded by various temples and shrines. Along with this, the holy Banganga tank makes this visit adorable.

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