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Mumbadevi Temple

One of the oldest Hindu temples that forms the part of Mumbai city and has been dedicated to Goddess Mumba is the Mumba Devi Mandir. People have been worshipping Mumba Devi since 15th century and this temple is believed to be constructed during 1675. The benefactors of Mumba Devi were agri and kolis, the inhabitants who were seen in the seven islands of then Bombay city. The sculpture in the temple is made of black color. The temple sees hundreds of worshippers each day. Even people visiting the city of Mumbai come to seek blessings from this temple. The idol of the goddess in the temple is adorned with silver robes and has beautiful nose studs. The goddess does not have a mouth and her face is colored in orange color. The goddess is believed to resemble Mother Earth. The Koli community of fishermen worships this temple and the goddess with full faith and dedication. The temple remains closed on Monday. The temple also has many stalls that sell flower garlands, other sacred items required for offering prayers. Special flowers like Pink Lotus, Jasmine and Orange marigolds that are considered to be sacred can also be purchased from these shops for offering in temple. The temple is located in the crowded Zaveri Bazar in the southern part of the city. The temple also sells pedas for offering as Prasad in the temple. These pedas are very delicious and are prepared using milk and sugar.

Initially, this temple was built in a fort near CST station in 1737 but was later shifted to the place where it is located currently.

How to Reach

By Road

The local mode of transportation that can be used to reach the temple is via auto-rickshaw.

By Rail

The nearest local rail line to the temple is Charni Road station that is situated at a distance of 10 minutes from temple. The other nearest station is the Churchgate station.

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