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Jivdani Mata Mandir

Jivdani Mata is the famous temple located in Virar, North Mumbai. The temple is situated on a hill and is about 1460 steps above the land. The deity Jivdani Mata is an avatar of goddess Adi Shakti Devi and is almost 150 years old. The temple offers picturesque beauty of Virar as it is surrounded by the Satpura Range. The name Virar is derived from Eka-viraa. It is just similar to Tunga Parvat which becomes Tunga-ar, likely Vira turns Vira-ar. On the banks of Vaitarna River and on the top of the hills, there is a big temple of Eka-vira Devi. The Jivdani Mata temple is more crowded during the nine days of the Navratri festival as many followers visit the shrine for DARSHAN. On Tuesdays and Sundays, many devotees do visit the temple and take the blessings of Jivdani Mata.

Earlier, this temple was worshiped only by local communities but with the passage of time the temple became famous in Mumbai as well as in other near-by areas. Now, many devotees visit here for ‘Mataji Ke Darshan’. Earlier, the temple was very small and being located on the top of a hill, devotees often faced difficulties in reaching here, as the path was very narrow. But now it has been developed by the temple trust. Residential accommodations for devotees have also been made available. For the convenience of devotees, the Darshan Area was enlarged and queue arrangements were also improved so that they can enjoy the peaceful Darshan of the goddess Jivdani. For disabled and aged people a rope-way is also constructed. Presently, a beautiful idol of Devi made from in white marble is installed inside the temple which is the main place of worship. Every year on Dussherra festival, a fair is held which is attended by thousands of individuals. The tourists frequently visit the fort which is found in the temple hill. This temple is also dedicated to Sri Krishna.

The best thing about the temple is that it is situated on the hill, therefore, it offers adventurous and exciting experience for people. Its pollution free atmosphere, best sceneries and lush greenery attract you to visit the temple. One can get 'Pooja Saamgri' like agarbati, bangles, red chunnri, coconut, sweet etc. in the small Pooja shops on the way to temple and outside the temple. Many people go bare footed, many draw swastik and many light up the candles on every step for spiritual powers and beliefs


The Jivdani Mata Temple is situated 19°27'58"N   72°49'38"E and is 60 Kms from Mumbai. Most of the area includes plains of Vasai and Vaitarana River coves. From the hill, one can enjoy a view of 20 km radius around.


The Jivdhan fort was found on the temple hill in the late 17th century. Inside the walls of the fort, many old water tanks and caves were seen. Most of the water tanks have dried up now. It is said that this was created by Pandavas. The hill is famous for the invisible goddess Jivdani, who lives in these caves.

The people, who visit the temple, also wander around places such as small fort of Shivaji Maharaj and Papadkhandi Dam. Arnala beach with many resorts like Anand Resort Virar, LD Resort, Sea Lord Resort, C Beach Resort and Swagat Resort Virar are also the tourist destinations near Jivdani Mata temple.

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