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Mandhardevi temple is situated on a hill. It is situated 4,650 feet above the sea level. The temple is at 20 km from Satara. The surroundings of the temple are beautiful and displays pictorial Purandhar fort. The temple is full with devotees enjoying the serenity and calmness of the temple and charming surrounds of the shrine.

According to local folk tales, the temple is as old as 400 years. The temple was constructed in the reign of brave King Shivaji Maratha. There is no fixed date known about the construction of this temple. The name Mandhardevi is derived from two names, God Mandeshwar and Goddess Kaleshwari. The temple is located in the beautiful vicinity of nature, which makes it the most popular tourist place.

The temple is well-known in Hindus who celebrate the yearly Kalubai Jatra which lasts for 10 days and comes in the month of January. The main celebration is as long as 24-hour, which is held on full moon day and it consists of animal sacrifices offered to the goddess. This celebration is grand and every year approximately 200,000 Hindu devotees visit the place. The annual festival is held in the honor of Goddess Kaleshwari, also known as Kalubai by the devotees.

The statue of Kalubai displays 2 silver masks and silk clothing. These masks of the Goddess are carried in a Palkhi by associates of the Gurav family, which are hereditary custodians of the temple. This is a very beautiful and popular tourist attraction and it is a must see destination. There is no particular time period in which you can visit it. It is open for its devotees and believers whole year. Yet, the best season to visit the temple is in winter and in the beginning of the summer. The temperature in the beginnings of the summer is very comfortable and best season for sightseeing. You can visit the Mandhradevi temple in the months of September to November and from January to May. You can visit the temple in morning and evening, but the temple is also open in the afternoons.

The name Mandhardevi is obtained as the temple is located on a hill where saint Mandhar used to reside. When Goddess Kali came to earth to perish all the demons, Goddess arrived at the Mandhar mountain for some rest. It is an amazing fact of the destination.

The devotees and tourists who visit this holy shrine must be aware of the following things

  • The Goddess is fond of sweet, therefore, you can offer some sweet or “Puranpoli”, a Maharashtrian sweet dish is the best choice.
  • The devotees must be careful in the vicinity of the temple and do not harm the innocent birds and animals.
  • Be aware of any opportunist or thief.
  • Do not get tempted to draw tattoo on your body.
  • Remember to bring all the necessary items with you.
  • During the time of Mandhardevi procession or Palkhi, the area is too cold, therefore, remember to bring warm clothes.

How to Reach

You can reach the temple by taxi. You will not face any troubles getting a taxi to reach the temple.

The Wai region where the temple is located, is very well connected to the main roads of big cities. Therefore, government bus services and private bus services are regular. There are regular and abundant bus services available from Satara and Pune. You will also get choices of Deluxe AC bus services which will give you a joyous and comfortable ride to the breathtaking views surrounding the temple.

If you opt to visit the holy temple via train, the nearest rail station is in Satara. The railroad is present in Pune and Miraj sector and is well connected to Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Mysore, Surat, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Sangli, Miraj, Goa and Nagpur. Therefore, visitors range of different sectors of our country.

By air, you can take a flight from Lohegaon airport in Pune. It is the nearest airport at the distance of 88 km. From the airport you have choices like taxi, auto, MSRTC buses to reach Wai.

From Mumbai to Mandhardevi, the distance is 226 km.

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