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Akkalkot Swami Samarth

Akkalkot Swami Samarth Temple is the shrine of one of the most revered and powerful saints of Maharashtra, Shree Swami Samarth. The saint is a household name in Maharashtra and is believed to be the manifestation of Swami Dattatreya. The saint chose the sleepy village of Akkalkot in Solapur district as his abode for prayer and meditation in 1857 and lived there for 22 long years. Swami Samarth voluntarily took leave of his mortal body on April 30, 1878.

About the Temple and Surroundings

Swami Samarth Maharaj is believed to have chosen Akkalkot as the place to settle down and mediate because he believed the place to be extremely blessed and pious. The holy place of Gangapur is just around 40 km from Akkalkot. Near to Gangapur is another pious place; the Gulbarga city where the 700 year old tomb of the famous Sufi Saint Nawab Ali is situated. Gulbarga’s Dargah or the place where Muslims pray, is visible from a distance.

The Vatavruksha or the Banyan Tree

There are five mutts of the Swami located in Akkalkot. Here visitors can also take ‘darshan’ of Uppith or the clay impressions of the Swami’s feet. In the center of the Samadhi mutt of the Swami are the statues Lord Ganpati, Devi and the Shivaling which represents Lord Shiva. The temple complex is called the Vatavruksha Mandir because of the presence of the huge banyan tree (Vatavruksha), in the shade of which Swami Samarth Maharaj would conduct his religious discourses.

Other Places in Akkalkot Associated with Swami Samarth

The Akkalkot Swami Samarth Temple is visited by hundreds of thousands of devotees. The Samarth Annachhatra Mandal offers free food and accommodation to all devotees visiting the temple. Other places in Akkalkot where the Swami’s influence is unmistakably felt include the Khandoba Mandir where His padukas or footwear is kept.

Visitor Information

At the main shrine, Swami’s bed, a life size photograph, the original clothes worn by him, the holy beads or the Rudraksha and many other personal possessions are on display. Regular poojas are conducted in the temple precincts from 5 AM to 10 PM. Every year thousands of devotees from various villages and cities of India as well as from other parts of the world come here to seek the divine blessings of the Maharaj.

How to Reach

By Road

Akkalkot is situated in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. It is well connected from all major cities and districts of India. Akkalkot is 45 km from Solapur. You can take a bus or cab from Solapur Station or bus depot.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Akkalkot Road railway station which is 11 km from the temple. Trains from major cities stop at Akkalkot Road railway station.

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