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Marubai Gaondevi

Mumbai is a financial capital of India. Mumbai is the concrete jungle with huge, sky-scraping buildings. Admist this concrete jungle, landmark of Shri Marubai Gaondevi Mandir is a blessing and a respected worship place. The temple welcomes devotees of all religious values from all kinds of life.

Shri Marudevi (goddess) is the manifestation of Ashtabhuja Aadimaya. The goddess is respected as a Family deity (Kuladeva) and also the Goddess of the village (Gavdevi). Shri Marudevi has bestowed her blessings to her devotees for more than 300 years.

Shri Marudevi has been present in Matunga since time immemorial. The history of the temple has been as old as three centuries also popularly known as a Marubai Tekdi Gaon present since British time. During the old time period, Matunga was a small village blessed by Shri Marubai located on the tekdi (hill).

Marubai is a form of Goddess Bhavanimata or Goddess Durga and was discovered in the natural form of a Swayambhu idol. The holy idol of Goddess Marubai is facing east. The idol is black in color and is two feet tall. You will see the idol is covered with shendur, which is orange color powder, and sandalwood. But still, the goddess was named as Maruaai or Marubai as the goddess was found in a very depressing era, when the village was stricken with deadly smallpox disease. Therefore, the name Marubai in Marathi, it means, ‘A mother who gives protection from death’. The goddess is a mother to her devotees, who protects them from any kind of problems.

The temple has a beautiful ambience and a feeling of serenity in the vicinity of the temple. It is also a great tourist attraction for tourists across India and all over the world. There are many other places you can visit which are near the temple after getting a blessing from the Mother Goddess:

  • Vihigaon falls, popular waterfall, the distance is 1.6 km
  • Most popular Gateway of India, distance is 37.4 km
  • Colaba Market, distance is 14.5 km
  • Amazing Marine drive beach, distance is 20.3 km
  • Jehangir Art Gallery, distance is 37 km
  • Popular Chowpatty Beach, distance is 35.4 km

The above given are most popular tourist destinations which are much in demand, but there are many more places to go.

The idol is Seen Holding

  • Shiva’s trident
  • Vishnu discus
  • Varuna conch shell
  • Kubera club
  • Indra thunderbolt, etc

The goddess is the symbol of powers and protection. The village in Matunga was previously known as the Marubai Tekdi Gaon, short-formed as Matunga or Ma Tun Ga. The temple is decorated lights in the festival of Navratri. All nine days of the festival are worth visiting to this temple. There are different kinds of celebrations held in the temple, like

  • Kalash Sthapana
  • Haldi Kumkum
  • Abhishek
  • Pooja
  • Saraswati Aawahan
  • Kumari Poojan
  • Ashtami Homams

You can enjoy the grand procession of Palkhi of Shri Marubai Gaondevi. The goddess is decorated with jewelry and looks stunningly beautiful. You will enjoy the visit to the temple as a tourist destination and seek blessings from the goddess.

Route to Matunga’s Marubai Temple

From Pune to Matunga, Marubai temple is at a distance of 152 km. It is one days’ travelling. You will have to spend 2 hours 22 minutes  of travelling. The travelling time also depends on weather, traffic and occasion in the city.

A driving direction to the Matunga, Marubai Temple from Laxmibai Kelkar Road:

  • From Laxmibai Kelkar road you have to go towards Matunga Circle, which is approximately 100 m.
  • Pass through the Matunga Circle and turn to slight left, which will head towards Rathlal Parekh Road
  • Now turn left again which will lead to the Marubai Gaondevi Temple Road

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