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Trimbakeshwar Temple is one of the 12 jyotirlingas dedicated to the three eyed one signifying Lord Shiva. One of the most extraordinary features of this Jyotirlinga is that it embodies three faces of Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Rudra.


A beautiful temple constructed with black stones, this temple has a porch that’s adorned with beautifully decorated arches and pillars. It has lingas entirely covered by a crown consisting of emeralds, diamond and several other precious stones.

Designed according to Indo Aryan style, one can get a view of this crown on every Monday between 4 and 5 pm because this day of the week is considered holy. On Monday, the idol is carried by priests in a palanquin in and around the temple. Unlike the other 11 jyotirlingas, this one at Trimbakeshwar consists of three faces that represent Lord Brahma, Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

The walls of this temple have been sculpted with idols comprising several figures of animals, humans and yakshas. The sanctum is graced with a golden kalasha and Amalaka. The bull Nandi finds its place inside a marble of Lord Shiva’s mount.

There is a mandap in the premises here, which has doors on every side that are fully covered with porches. These porches are enhanced with arches and pillars. The roof of the mandap has curvilinear slabs and this jyotirlingam is placed in front of the antara and Garbagriha. It’s from here that River Godavari flows constantly all round the year. Devotees take a dip in the waters at Kushavarta Teertha to purify them before entering the temple.


The Shivalingam is generally covered with a beautiful silver mask but on special occasions it is covered with a golden mask. This temple has been witnessing the Trimbakkumbh Mela over the last 12 years when devotees make a special visit to get the lord’s blessings. Devotees are found plunging themselves in River Godavari, which is known to completely wash away their sins. Shivratri Festival is also observed in this temple with great zeal and attracts pilgrims every year.


It is believed that one who visits this temple can attain salvation or moksha. It is also considered to be one of the most sacred places for performing shraddh ceremony of departed souls. In order to lead a peaceful and happy life people perform many religious pujas at this temple. A lot of religious rituals like kalsarpa shanti, narayannagbali and tripindividhi are also performed at this place. This temple has been attracting a lot of devotees and tourists from all corners of the world.

The existing temple has been constructed by Bajiraopeshwa during 1730. The Nasik-Trimbakeshwar route is suitable for those who come from the north. There are many state transport buses that ply from Nashik to Trimbakeshwar on a frequent basis.

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