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Birla Mandir

Maharashtra is home to several temples and shrines. There are many temples in the state that have exclusive features and beautiful architecture. One such temple is Birla Mandir. Birla Mandir is a beautiful temple located in Shahad about 60 Km from Mumbai. For anyone visiting Mumbai, a short trip to Birla Mandir in Shahad is a must.

Shahad has various large industrial complexes including the Century Factory built by the Birla Family. The temple is dedicated to Vithoba and has been built by the Birla Family on a small hill. The temple is a popular place for movie shooting. The temple also attracts a number of visitors from Mumbai and can be reached easily.

The temple is located on the national highway towards Titwala. Tourists can either take cars, taxis or buses to reach the temple. Local trains also travel to Shahad. Trains from Mumbai and Kalyan going towards Titwala, Asangao and Kasara make a stop at Shahad. From Shahad station, visitors can auto rickshaws to reach the temple. Auto rickshaws are available at a fare of Rs. 12-15 and shared auto rickshaws are available at a fare of Rs. 8.

Birla Mandir can be visited at any time of the day and year, however, people usually avoid the summer and monsoon months. During the summer months, the temperatures are quite high and during the monsoon months, the area receives a lot of rainfall. The best time to visit Birla Mandir is between September and March when the temperature is pleasant and favorable for visitors to visit the temple.

Architecture and Surroundings of Birla Mandir, Shahad

The temple has been designed beautifully and has numerous sculptures on the walls. In front of the temple is a beautiful garden where kids can play and relax. In the garden is a mini train which functions in the evening and is a prime attraction of the temple. The garden is well-maintained and quite clean.

The structure of the temple is quite beautiful and resembles southern style of architecture. There are intricate carvings on the pillars and walls of the temple. Visitors can observe structures of various deities and mythological characters. The temple is century’s old but is maintained beautifully. There are a few steps that lead to the temple. The temple hall is huge and can accommodate many devotees. On both sides of the temple are stairs leading outside the temple. Either side of the stairs has beautiful artwork carved from stone. The walls of the temples feature beautiful bells carved on the stone.

Outside the temple are various stalls and shops selling flowers and other important puja items that visitors can buy to offer to the deity. The temple is constructed from stone, the entrance has two huge elephants carved on either of the walls. The gate is carved beautifully and on top of the gate is the carving of Lord Garuda. The complex and stairs features white marble flooring. Along the main stairs on either side are statues of elephants and lions.

Photography is allowed inside the temple. The temple has idols of Vithoba, Rukmini, Lakshmi, Narayan and Lord Ganesha. Throughout the walls of the temple visitors can see carved structures of different gods in the Hindu scriptures. The most prominent idol in the temple is of Lord Vishnu and his various avatars. The best view of the temple is from behind the structure from where one can see beautiful carvings and the entire beauty of the temple. Even the outlet for water from the temple has been carved intricately and beautifully.

Significance of Birla Mandir, Shahad

Birla Mandir is dedicated to Vithoba. He is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu or his form of Lord Krishna. The idol of the deity is shaped in the form of a young boy built from black stone. Along with the idol of Vithoba is an idol of Rukmini .The temple celebrates all Hindu festivals with full fervor.

Every day the priests conduct aartis, archanas and prayers from early morning. Special pujas are conducted during festivals and several other occasions. The atmosphere in and around the temple is quite peaceful and serene. Visitors to the temple can enjoy a great time and spend about 1-2 hours at the temple.

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