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Rameshwar Mandir

Revdanda is a small, isolated beach located about 17 km away from Alibaug and roughly 125 km away from Mumbai, the capital of the state Maharashtra. A black sand beach, Revdanda lies about halfway between Nagaon and Kashid. Half of the small town lies in an old Portuguese fort. On a drive through the town, one can see the road entering an old archway on one side and passing through another on the way out. This second bridge leads you to a bridge that spans over the Kundalika creek making areas on the other bank accessible. A picturesque vintage point lies between these two archways and deserves to be explored. If you turn right and travel towards the west between the two arches, you can access this vantage point along the boundary walls. This vantage point offers a magnificent view to the eyes of the traveller. On your south, you will see the creek, and towards the north lays the beach. An entrance into the fort is located near the beach. However, entry to the fort itself, unfortunately, is restricted as the fort is infested with poisonous snakes. In times of high tide, waves from the sea can be seen crashing on to the palm fringed ramparts of the fort.

Revdanda’s main source of income is its produce. Fishermen can be seen frequenting the beach for fishes at all times of the day, and plantations of coconut and beetlenut trees are everywhere. This village is famous for a species of small aromatic flower known as “Bakuli”. Its fragrance can be found wafting in the village and is unmistakeable even from a distance. Rice is a major source of livelihood for the local inhabitants, apart from the trees and fishes mentioned above.

About the Temple

The Rameshwar temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. An ancient temple, the date of which has still not been determined, is a spectacular living example of our rich cultural and architectural history. Historians believe that the temple has been built in the Hemadpant style of architecture an architectural style introduced by Hemadpant, the prime minister of the court of Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri. This style of architecture incorporates the use of locally procured black stone and lime and came into use in the thirteen century A.D. Historical references have been found to indicate the fact that this temple has been renovated several times in the past.

The structure of the temple includes a prayer hall or sabhamandap, the sanctum sanctorum and a dome shaped summit. This domed shaped summit to the temple towers over the rest of the village at a height of 7.62 metres. Just as you enter the temple premises, you are greeted by three kunds or tanks in front of the prayer hall. These tanks are named Parajanya Kund, Agni Kund and Vayoo Kund.

How to Get There

Revdanda can be accessed from both Mumbai and Pune. While it is connected by road to Mumbai via Panvel, from Pune you can take the Lonavala route to Alibaug and continue to Revadanda, which is only a short distance away. The distance from Mumbai is about 120 km while from Pune, it is about 150 km.

Another interesting way to reach Revdanda is through the sea. Catamarans ply between Mumbai and Alibaug and further on to Revdanda on a regular basis. These can be caught from the Gateway of India and take about two hours to reach. It is recommended that you take this route, as it is an interesting experience that you do not want to miss.

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