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Mahalaxmi Temple

Mahalaxmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Mahalaxmi Temple in Mumbai is a very popular place for the devotees and this holy place is worth visiting for the tourists from around India or outside the country. The temple is an ancient heritage devoted in honor of 'Goddess Mahalaxmi'. The temple has beautiful architecture and was built in 1785. Many devotees everyday visit the temple. The temple is full of devotees everyday. Along with goddess Mahalaxmi, there are magnificent figures of significant Hindu Goddesses like Mahasaraswati and Mahakali ornamented with spectacular jeweleries. The temple is a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists across the world. On Fridays, the temple is full of its devotees offering fragrant flowers and Prasad to the goddess and wishing for their well-being. Especially during Navaratri festival, the temple is crowded with thousands of people to take blessings from the goddess.

In the vicinity of the temple, there are different shops selling flower garlands, flowers and other things necessary for worshipping. The Mahalaxmi temple rises in all its grandeur beside the ocean which is the main attraction for tourists. One can take blessing in the calm vicinity of the temple and enjoy the serenity of the holy environment of the temple and grandeur of the ocean.

What You Can Do

  • If you are a fan of loud celebrations, then you come to the temple in Navaratri to see the shining magnificence of the Goddess. Devotees can present sweets, coconuts and flowers to respect the Goddess during this holy celebration.
  • There are many shops in the vicinity of the temple, you can shop flowers, religious relics, and sweets.


Mahalaxmi Temple an ancient heritage with elaborate designs and is built in the most wonderful manner. The main doorway of the temple is decorated with complex architecture which is the main feature of this amazing shrine. An idol of Goddess Mahalaxmi is ornamented with with pearl necklaces, gold bangles, flowers, and nose studs. All the idols 'Goddess Saraswati' and 'Goddess Mahakali' are decorated with shining and stunningly beautiful jewels.

After visiting the holy Mahalaxmi Temple, you can go to Mall located in Worli which is close to the destination. It is a good place for shopping You can also go to the Haji Ali Dargah, which is another famous tourist destination and sacred shrine in Mumbai.

The Mahalaxmi Temple is managed by a Trust known as “Shree Mahalakshmi Temple Charities” which is a Charitable and Religious trust. The trustees are now aiming to build a website, which will help many devotes across the world to know and visit the Mahalakshmi Temple. The temple has so much importance as it is considered to be a “Jagrut” deity or alive deity.

Mahalakshmi Temple is chosen as a heritage area due to its architectural value, exclusive street scape and inherent quality of historic agreement accompanied with traditional temple. It has vert distinctive ambience of the ancient time period with a market and pedestrian access road, lined on both sides sweets and flowers.

Goddess Mahalaxmi is seen in all her prestigious grandeur. The Goddess is also known as Adi Sakti and Para Shakti, which means prime force and transcendal force. The idol of Mahasaraswati stands for knowledge and nature or Guna known as Satvic Guna. The idol of Mahakali stands for Tamas Guna or nature of anger. An idol of Mahalaxmi stands for Rajas Guna or nature of Wealth. All the three goddesses of knowledge, wealth and power bestow good blessings to their devotees in different ways.

Route to Mahalaxmi Temple

By Rail

The station is close to the temple, the station is known as Mahalaxmi Station. A person can take an auto or taxi to reach the temple from there.

By Road

Mahalaxmi Temple is a prime tourist destination therefore, it has good access to main roads. So it is very convenient to reach the temple by road. There is good service of buses from the station to the temple. In order to reach the temple, the devotee or tourist can drive across NH-4.

The Mahalaxmi Temple is an ancient heritage of India, located in Mumbai. This stunning shrine is devoted to Goddess Mahalaxmi. This magnificent temple consists of many stunning idols of Hindu Goddesses. During the holy occasion of Navaratri, one can see an enormous celebration at this beautiful temple.

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