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Jai Ganesh Mandir

Those who have never visited this temple have surely missed something till now as this Ganesh temple, situated in Malvan, is now on the must see list of most of the tourists. Built by Shri Jayantrao Salgaonkar, he was a reputed astrologer and had created the very popular almanac, ‘kalnirnay’. This temple is situated in the locality named Medha and stands on the land of Salgaonkars. During the construction, the holy principals of the architecture in India have been followed by the Salgaonkars. The deity of this temple is everyone’s favorite Lord Ganesha who is said to the moist revered God in Maharashtra. Those who have seen the early morning of Makar Sankranti, they can make out the specialty of this temple. Also what stuns most of the visitors is the pure gold idol of lord Ganesha. The main festival celebrated over here the Ganesha Jayanti on the 4th day of the magh month.

On the day of Makar Sankranti, the direct sunlight falling on the idol, where the glittering and the ever shinning Ganesha bathing in the sunlight is a sight to watch. Also, Salgaonkars have named this Ganesha idol as Jay Ganesha so as he gives blessings to all his devotees to succeed in life.

The creator, Shri Jayatnrao was present at all the time personally to supervise and keep a check on the construction taking place. The main idol, which is placed in the sanctum sanctorum, is accompanied with Riddhi-Siddhi in the traditional pose on both sides. Siddhi has a dhol and a sword in her hands while Riddhi has a paper and a pen clinched to her hands. One can spot 8 idols of lord Ganesha all together which are beautifully carved on the ceilings of the temple. Those who look above get that serene feeling of being watched by the Lord Ganesha benevolently from all the directions of the temple. The use of rich and soothing colors adds to the beauty of the temple. What attract most of the devotees are the five day long Ganesh Jayanti celebrations on the 4th day of Magh month. This day also marks the anniversary of this temple.

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