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Anganewadi Temple

Anganewadi Temple is one of the most popular temples in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. More famous as the Bharadi Devi Temple, the shrine is believed to have a ‘Jagrut’ or active deity that has the power to fulfill your wishes. The local folklore of the idol being a Navasachi Devi or a wish-fulfilling Goddess attracts devotees from far and wide to the Anganewadi temple, which is also called the Pandharpur of Konkan.


Anganewadi Temple is situated 10 km from Malvan. It is a small, sleepy hamlet called Masure where families with the surname Angane dominate.


According to village folklore, a stone plaque in the form of Goddess Bharadi appeared out of nowhere in the village some 400 years ago. The stone is being worshipped since then by devotees who visit the temple, not only from the nearby villages but from all over Maharashtra and India. As the stone plaque was discovered in rocky soil called Bharad in Malwani lingo, the Goddess was named Bharadi Devi.

The Annual Festival at Anganewadi Temple

The biggest event that takes place in the Anganewadi Temple is the Bharadi Devi Fair or the Anganewadi Fair which is help sometime in the month of February, every year. One of the distinguishing factors of this fair is that unlike annual events held at other religious places where the dates are fixed according to the Hindu calendar; here the fair date is announced after consultation with the devotees. The committee sits on a mat made of bamboo peels, locally known as Daali and arrives at a decision or Daalap about the date for the year’s festival.

The idol or the stone plaque is decorated with ornaments and apparels and a mask is placed on the idol. The village barber reflects the sunlight with his mirror to the plaque. The rites start early at 4 AM and goes on till 10 PM. The festival includes the food serving session called Taate Lawane in which food prepared by the villagers is served to all devotees visiting the temple.  

The second day of the festival which again begins at 4 AM is called the Mode Jatra which marks the end of the fair. The programs wind up in the afternoon but other events like dance, music and drama goes on for at least four to five days.

Where to Stay

There are many affordable as well as star hotels in Malvan. However, advance booking may be necessary during festival times as the crowd is enormous during these times.

How to Reach

By Road

Anganewadi Temple is 10 km from Malvan main city and around 30 km from Kankavli on the Belane-Anganewadi Road. State transport buses as well as private buses and cars ply from Malvan, Kankavli, and other key districts.

By Rail

Kankavli and Oros are the nearest railway station to Anganewadi temple

By Air

The airport nearest to the temple is Dabolim in Goa which is at a distance of 186 Km.

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