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Bhoodsidhhanath Temple

The village of Bhood in Maharashtra is known its Lord Sidhhanatha temple. The temple is popularly called as Bhoodsidhhanath Temple. Bhood is a small village located in the Sangli District in Maharashtra. Locals believe that the Bhoodsidhhanath is the village god of Bhood and protects them from all types of troubles and calamities. Lord Sidhhanath is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is one of the protective gods of the region of Maharashtra. He is known across the region as a patron god who supports and protects the villages in all conditions.

The temple is visited by thousands of devotees from Bhood and nearby villages all around the year. The annual festival of Chaitra Ashtami is celebrated with full fervor in the temple. Throughout the celebration several religious, sports and cultural programs are conducted that attract visitors from far off. People take part in these celebrations in big numbers and carry out processions to mark the occasion. During the celebrations, the temple is decorated with colorful flags and people light oil lamps and gather around the temple to be a part of the various programs and activities that are a part of the celebrations.

Bhood is well-connected to surrounding villages and most of the major cities of Maharashtra. From NH4, the village can be reached easily. It is about 18 Km from the city of Vita, 73 Km from Sangli and about 275 Km from Mumbai. The roads connecting Bhood are well-paved and motorable. The nearest railhead is in Karad about 55 Km away and Miraj about 65 Km away. Trains are available from both these stations to all major cities of India. The nearest airport to Bhood is in Pune about 175 Km away.

The best time to visit Bhoodsidhhanath Temple is during the months of September to February. This is the time when the temperature is cool and weather is pleasant. During the summer months, the temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees making it uncomfortable for visitors to explore the area. Monsoon months receive a lot of rainfall increasing the humidity. The autumn, winter and spring months are the best for visiting Bhood as the temperatures are tolerable.

The architecture of the temple is simple and the temple complex is not very huge. However the importance of the temple is profound and people from the village and nearby villages, towns and cities visit it regularly to get blessings from Lord Sidhhanath. When visited during the regular days the temple is less crowded and can be seen properly. The temple gives a sense of calmness and peace. Since the temple is located in a village the surroundings are quite natural and serene.

Celebrations at Bhoodsidhhanath Temple in Maharashtra

The temple celebrates the occasion of Chaitra Ashtami with fervor. It is a three day long festival which signifies the wedding ceremony of Lord Sidhhanath. Chaitra Ashtami is celebrated on the eighth day of the month of Chaitra. It is an auspicious month and several Hindu festivals are celebrated during the month of Chaitra. This festival is among the most awaited festivals in the region.

The first day involves organizing bullock cart race wherein people from the village and nearby areas take part in. The second day is marked by sasankathi and divas. On the third day, the lord is served with Kusumba as Prasad. Farmers decorate their bulls and carts beautifully with ribbons of various colors and bells.

During the celebrations of Chaitra Ashtami in Bhood people can be seen playing with colored powder and chanting devotional songs and hymns in praise of Lord Sidhhanath. The festival of Dasara is also celebrated with fervor in the temple.

The temple is built in a traditional style of architecture. A series of steps lead to the temple complex wherein the idol of the deity is placed. During celebrations long queues of devotees gather in the temple complex as everyone wants to perform puja and get a glimpse of the deity. People can be seen preparing delicacies to serve to the lord and perform special pujas and archanas to invoke Lord Sidhhanath.

At the time of the festival a kind of fair is organized wherein farmers and other locals put up stalls to sell their local produce. Women can be seen buying bangles, bindis, clothes and other regular household items during the celebrations. The festivities start right from the morning and continue till late evening.

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