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Allamprabhu Temple

Located in the Western part of India, Maharashtra is one of the popular and developed states. The state stands first in its high tech communication facilities and state-of-the-art transportation facilities. The state has some of the heritage sites like Ajanta and Ellora and many more holy shrines that invite thousands of devotees every year.

Allamprabhu Temple is one of the oldest and unique holy shrines in Maharashtra. The uniqueness of this shrine lies in the fact that it is visited by people from different religions like Muslims and Hindus. Allamprabhu Temple is located on a picturesque hill near a beautiful lake which is 1.5 kilometres away from Bhoom in Osmanabad district in Maharashtra.

History of Allamprabhu Temple

As per the history, the small town Bhoom was under control of Nizam of Hyderabad. On 17th September 1948, the control was surrendered to the Indian forces. During the reign of Nizam of Hyderabad this place was visited by people from both Muslim and Hindu religions. This gives us the glimpse of the unity that existed between Hindu and Muslim religions during the pre-British era.

How to Reach

By Road

Allamprabhu temple is 62 kms from Osmanabad and there are frequent bus services available from Osmanabad to Bhoom.

By Rail

Trains are available from all the major stations. The nearest railway station is Barsi Town.

By Air

There are no airports in Osmanabad and the nearest airport is Latur airport.

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