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Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir

Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is small in size but is of high religious importance. The existence of the temple is unknown but it has been a prominent place since ages. The temple is located in Nala Sopara in Maharashtra. Maharashtra has been a blessed land. It has been the birth place of several saints and sages and is home to several temples and shrines. The Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir is located away from the hustle bustle of the city in calm and peaceful surroundings.

Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir is known as the place where Swami Samarth meditated and laid the stone for the construction of a Ram Mandir nearby. Happy with one of his disciples, the saint blessed him and the disciple later took the Sajiv-Samadhi at this place. Sopara is one of the most historically significant places in Maharashtra. It is located close to Mumbai about 70 Km away. The area of Sopara was rich right from the first millennium BC and continued to be so till the 15th century AD. Many historians do not believe in the history of Sopara but some accept this fact. Since the late 19th century, the area has attracted the attention of archeologists who have constantly been scanning the area for various historical evidences.

The temple is small but is considered to be important by the locals. The temple is also visited by people from nearby villages and towns. Close to the temple premise is the Chakreshwar Lake. It is believed that in historic time when the temple was attacked and burgled. The invaders looted the temple and many of the idols were destroyed and thrown into the lake. Several years later the idols were retrieved from the lake and established in the present structure of the temple. Visitors to the temple can see these idols which were placed in the temple with full traditions and rituals.

Sopara can be is well connected and can be reached easily. From Mumbai, people can take the road to Virar and from there Sopara is just 30 minutes away. There are a few other important shrines in Sopara including the Tungareshwar Mahadev mandir and the Chandika Devi Mandir.

Sopara lies in the coastal region and can be visited at any time of the year. Tourists who wish to enjoy the monsoon of Maharashtra the months of July and August are good to visit. For those who wish to enjoy a pleasant time, then the months between October and March are excellent to visit the area.

Architecture and Surroundings of Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir

The Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir is quite small and does not have any massive structure. It is built on a small piece of land. The structure of the temple is in the form of a hut. There is a humble hall in the temple premise where yagnas and special pujas are conducted. The main deity worshipped in the temple is Lord Shiva. Many people have released the holy important of the place and have seen the image of the saint riding a horse. The image of the saint resembles the look of Lord Shiva. The temple also has idols of other deities.

The priests conduct prayers religiously every day in the morning, afternoon and evening. Early morning prayers, aartis and archanas are conducted to invoke the deity. Priests at the temple also perform special prayers on request from devotees. There are many hawkers close to the temple that sell flowers and other items that devotees can buy to offer to the deity. The temple premise offers a refreshing calmness that devotees experience on their visit. Devotees who wish to conduct special prayers should ask the priest of the temple about the puja and the requirements for it so that they come prepared for any special occasion or puja.

Close to the temple is the Chakreshwar Lake which spans over 6 acres. On request of the villages, the Chakreshwar Lake has been cleaned and beautified recently. The lake now allows boating and a musical fountain has been assembled in the lake to attract tourists. People can be seen relaxing around the lake and enjoying its beauty. Several tourists from the surrounding areas visit the Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir and the Chakreshwar Lake.

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