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Satpuda Manudevi Temple

The Manudevi Temple is near Adgaon village in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Satpura Range. Manudevi is the primary deity for most of inhabitants of Jalgaon district. The temple is surrounded by hills on three sides and is opposite a breathtaking waterfall.


Adgaon is a village in the Ratnagiri (Jalgaon) district in the state of Maharashtra. Ratnagiri is a coastal district in the area between the Arabian Sea and Sahyadri Hills called Konkan. Adgaon is at the foothills of the Sahyadri. Adgaon is pristine after the monsoon and is evergreen. Due to industrial migration, the population is very small. Nostalgia brings the migrated population back during the Ganapati and Shimga festivals. Agriculture related businesses are prominent with locals. This region is known for produing quality Alphonso Mangos, cashew nuts and teakwood.

Vishalgad/Vishalgarh (Surve Dynasty of Kumbharkani) can be accessed through a trek by the forest and the Sahyadris. Electricity, telephones, drinking water and cellphone connectivity are available. The primary language is Marathi with some Hindi and English speakers. There are several deities like Dev Kedaling and Dev Gangeshwar, Hanuman Mandir, Vithal Rukhmai, Ram mandir, Ganpati Mandir and Vetal Mandir. Important festivals celebrated here are Ganapati Utsav, Holi or Shimga, Dahikala, Navratras, Navratri Utsav, Shivaratri and Diwali.

Shree Manudevi Temple

Located in the lush ranges of Satpuda hills on River Tapi is the Shree Manudevi Temple. It is the primary deity of many families who reside in the area. The approach to the temple is through a 1500 m paved road of gravel. From there, it is an interesting 1500 m trek through lush green surroundings to the temple. The temple is 500 m high. The chanting of Manudevi’s name through the trek leaves every pilgrim fulfilled.

The temple is enveloped by hills on three sides. In front is a beautiful waterfall 400 feet high. Six to seven months a year, the waterfall has fierce running water that touches the foot hills of the Satpuda. A lake has now been built here. There is also a gorgeous Hanuman Temple by the lake. This makes the surroundings of the temple beautiful for all visitors.

History and Mythology

The temple was discovered around 1251 A.D/B.C. Excavations indicate that this is an ancient temple dating back thousands of years. The massive trees at the approach to the temple are said to be a manifestation of that Lord Parshurama himself, welcoming devotees for the darshan of Shree Manudevi.

There is a rich folklore and historical tradition regarding this holy shrine.

Myth of Shree Manudevi

In the Bhagwath Puranas the triad of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma faced a serious problem. Rakshasas were menacing the people of earth. The trinity met in a cave in the Satpuda ranges. This cave is the Shree Manudevi temple and its surroundings.

While deeply meditating on a solution, their breathing and the environment that was made in the cave by their power and meditation, gave rise to an illumination of Shakti (power inherent in a goddess) as lightening. These rays culminated into Goddess Manudevi. She is the combined strength, power and intelligence of the Trinity.

The Devtas prayed to Goddess Manudevi, telling her -“O Adishakti, we are in a crises. The Asura Mahishasur is menacing the earth. O Goddess, we ask to you to eliminate him by taking an angry form of your personality. Help us in enforcing peace on earth”.

The Goddess Manudevi promised to kill the Asura soon. She assured them that she would start her offensive against the Asura immediately in the form of Sapthashrung deva.

The Goddess ravaged the forces of the Asura and reached River Tapi. A battle was fought in the area called Shiragadh. Here, she is worshipped as Shiragadh’s Ashta Bhujaa Devi. From here, the Goddess proceeded to Nandra (Bajara). A temple of her as Ashta Bhujaa Devi is here as well.

From there, she proceeded to Paatna, where a great battle was fought with the demons. Weary, the Goddess rested in here and here she came to be known as "Paatna Devi". The serene form of Manudevi was represented in Ashta Bhujaa Devi.

The final battle took place on the Sapthashrung Mountains. The Goddess battled the Asura for seven years. It was a battle between adharma and dharma. The Goddess transitioned into Sapthashrunga Devi. This is the enforcer form which is fearsome to the evil. In this form, she killed the Mahishasur and his forces. Folklore says that this place became the Devi’s home - Khandesh.

How to Reach

Public transportation to Adgaon is available from Lanja, a pachal town in the vicinity. 6 State Transport of Maharashtra buses run during the day. Rickshaws and Jeeps are also available.

Kolhapur city is about 113 kms away. From there, you can access the Anuskura Ghat which lies in the vicinity. Ratnagiri city is 87 kms from Adgaon. A State Transport bus runs between the village and the city. Adgaon is enveloped by Kondge, Taluka, Hardkhale and Zarye. On the east, the Sahyadri ranges separates it from Shahuwadi Taluka.
By road, drive from Mumbai on National Highway 17 across Lanja and take a left turn Watul village, which brings you on the state highway towards Adgaon. Vilavade is the nearest railway station from where one must take a private vehicle for a 05 km journey.

The temple can be reached by road by turning off the Yaval Chopda Highway. After going through Adgaon-Kasarkheda, it is 9 kms away. Most of it is a well paved motor able road.

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