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Gagangiri Maharaj Math

This math is said to be a very famous location for spiritual beliefs of the local as well as foreign travelers. Located amidst the dense and thick forests near Kolhapur in Dajjpur, this maharaj after which this temple has been named was said to be a Hindu sanyasi who was following the Nath Sampradaya.

According to the Hindu mythology, the Gagangiri Maharaj took shelter for many years in this math from 1932 to 1940. The saint did deep meditation in this thick forest, away from the work and the people in this math. Those who visit this ashram can find teachings of Hindu, yoga and also can learn the different meditation practices. This temple is a religious place for those many devotees who throng this temple in huge number from far away locations. Even foreign travelers make sure to visit this temple without any fail. Those looking for inner peace or have been wanting to get into the yoga forms, can visit this temple and learn the art of yoga, meditation and also get to know about the importance of the Hindu culture and the importance in the religion.

As per the old books, it was said that the saint decided to settle down in this cave as he was extremely tired. During his relaxation time, he was greeted by a saint who was coming down from the mountains. While he was asleep, that saint sprinkled water on Gagangiri Maharj’s face from his kamandalu. After that he also gave him to eat coriander leave like green grass. It was in this episode when Gaganji Maharaj learnt the art of tantric and also performed a number of Kaya Kalps. All this makes the place a haven for those who have wanted to do yoga activities and also learn the art of meditation.

During his last days, Gaganji Maharaj used to travel to all his ashrams in Gaganbawda and Khopoli. In states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, one can find many devotees of Gaganji Mahjaraj. Also famous personalities like Bal Thackeray, Dhirubhai Ambani and actress Mamata Kulkarni were his staunch followers. Those who visit his ashram in Khopoli can see photos of how Dhirubhai Ambani selflessly sweeping his floors or even hear stories of how Bal Thackeray used to devotedly wash the feet of Gaganji Maharaj without any inhabitations. This was the magic of Gaganji Maharaj’s hand over everyone’s head. It was that fateful day on February 4, 2008 when Gaganji Maharaj took his last breath at his Khopoli Ashram.  

It was a sad day for those many devotees who were left behind, with the blessings of Gaganji Maharaj. His only aim was to spread peace and love amongst everyone.

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