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Telankhedi Shiv Temple

Nagpur which is the third largest city in Maharashtra is a popular tourist attraction displaying the rich Maratha culture. The city is also famous for its excellent greenery, health care facilities and transport. The city produces the bulk share of the country’s orange production and has earned the name "Orange City". The city was once capital of the Berar and Central Provinces during the East India Company’s regime.

About Telankhedi Shiva Temple

Telankhedi Shiva Temple has the immaculate form of Lord Shiva, who is also the ruling deity of the temple. It is located near the famous Hanuman Temple and near to Japanese Garden in the city of Nagpur. Shiva devotees throng this temple on Mondays. Shiva Rathri festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and marvel in the temple.  The passages leading to the temple is full of old Banyan trees. The status of Nandi which ornaments the temple entrance is worth watching. Even though the sanctorum is small, it has excellent works of architecture.

The temple is more than four centuries old and is located in an area of 18 x 6 sq. m area. The temple has idols of several other Hindu Gods. The Shiva Lingam of the temple is more than one meter in length. The wall behind the Shiva lingam has a beautiful carved image of Lord Ganapati. The river kolar flows in the nearby vicinity to the temple.

History of Telankhedi Shiv Temple

Telankhedi Shiv Temple is also known as Kalyaneshwar Shiv Mandir. It was constructed in 1785 by Raje Raghuji Bhosale. All the activities of the temple were managed by the Bhonsle Devasthan Trust. The temple was bought by a renowned Nagpur based builder Ashutosh Shewalkar. The temple is now the personal property of the owner.

Architecture of the Temple

The complete temple construction is carried out using black stones. It has ninety seven pillars constructed using grey stones. Telankhedi Shiv Temple forms part of Grade I structure in the list of heritage building requiring conservation released by the Maharashtra state government in 2003.

The temple is the classic example of the architecture skill of the artisans of that period. The temple has a Mandap outside which is covered by walls on all the four sides. The walls of the mandapare held firm by strong pillars. The walls are adorned with beautiful paintings of Hindu mythological characters. There are few peepal and banyan trees at the back of the temple which provides relief from the scorching heat and showers to the devotees. This temple attracts numerous visitors coming to Nagpur. It is a neat and well maintained place of worship worth visiting.

Best Time to Visit Telankhedi Shiv Temple

Nagpur experiences mild and humid climate around the year. The winters are the most pleasant period for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. The period between October to March is considered ideal

How to Reach


Nagpur city is well connected with bus facilities from other cities of Maharashtra and neighboring states of Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. There are also local buses that ply in the city limits offering excellent scope of sightseeing. The bus fares in the city limits are as low as 5 to 20 rupees. You can buy a bus guide book or consult the locals to board the correct bus to your planned destinations. Telankhedi shiv temple is 5 km from the main city limits.


Nagpur Railway station falls in the main line of the Indian railways forming a gateway between the National Capital and the south India. It is one of the busiest stations in the country with numerous superfast and express trains carrying millions of passengers in and out of the city. Nagpur city is well connected with trains from different parts of the country.


Nagpur city has an international airport which is well connected with various destinations in the country. Numerous low fare airlines like Indigo, Kingfisher and spice jet operate from the city with regular flights to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad.

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