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Vikram Vinayak Temple

Alibaug is a coastal town located in the Raigad district of Indian state of Maharashtra. Vikram Vinayak Mandir is co located near the Vikram Ispat industry premise. It is located along the Revdanda Bridge, which is twenty km from Alibaug. There are numerous beautiful gardens, parks in and around the temple.

The temple which is located on the hillock can be easily reached using the excellent stair case.

The temple has a fine dome which is made up of white granite. The prayer hall has an excellent architecture with opening from all the sides. It is made of transparent polycrap sheet material. Lord Ganesha is the main idol with Ridhi and Sidhi on both sides. The temple houses idols of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Radha Krishna, Durga and Lord Surya. The temple garden has a large statue of Late Aditya Birla.

History of the Temple

Vikram Vinayak Temple is also called as ‘Birla Mandir’. The popular Birla Group which has constructed numerous temples across India in Delhi, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad has constructed this magnificent temple in Salav village of Alibaug. The construction of the temple commenced in 1996 and was completed by 1998. The construction of this temple was the dream of Shri Aditya Vikram Birla. The temple was constructed at a modest cost of Rs. 35 lakhs by the popular temple architecture family of Sompura. The temple has been constructed with transparent ceiling which facilitates easy passage to flow of air. On reaching the entrance of the temple, one can witness a beautifully carved nave in square shape. The idol of God Vinayak or Ganesha is placed on this nave.

The temple is adorned with beautiful gardens and colored water fountains. During the night time the illuminated temple along with the colored fountain and nearby Vikram Ispat Company provides a magnificent look and alluring look. The temple is a popular tourist attraction not only in the state of Maharashtra but also people from various parts of the country visit here.

It would be a pleasurable trip to take auto rickshaws to the temple from the city.

Significance of the Temple

The devotees visit this temple as they believe all their wishes get fulfilled here. They come here for:

  • Removal of obstacles from life
  • Beginning of work in an auspicious manner
  • Success in business and exams
  • Prosperity
  • Child birth
  • Better agricultural produce

Some DO’s and DON’T’s in the Temple Premises


  • Wear good traditional costumes while visiting the temple.
  • Try to walk around the temple to have the feeling of positive energy and peaceful feeling.
  • Always use your right hand to give offerings.
  • Go around the temple in clockwise direction only.
  • Do not make unnecessary noise and keep your mobiles in silent mode.
  • Chant the God’s name in the temple premises to evade of all obstacles.
  • Confirm whether the temple permits entry of non Hindus.
  • Do not be in a hurry to go out immediately after worshipping. Spend some time in the temple premises.
  • Confirm the popular offerings of the temple and perform it for the betterment of you and your family.


  • Do not touch the deities of the temple.
  • Abstain from consuming non vegetarian food while visiting the temple.
  • Wearing of leather belts are strictly prohibited in temple premises.
  • Do not wear any leather items like belts.
  • When you are in temple try to remain calm and concentrate on the activities that are going on.
  • Do not sit in such a way that your feet points in the direction of deity.
  • Chewing of tobacco, betel leaves and smoking are strictly prohibited in the temple premises.
  • Do not enter the temple after consuming liquor.
  • Do not spill kumkum or holy ash after using.
  • Do not try to go into the inner sanctum of the temple, which is restricted for devotees.

Vikram Vinayak Temple Timings

The temple remains open between 6 am to 11.30 am and 4.30 pm to 9 pm on all days.The Aarti is performed at 9.00 a. m in the morning and 7.00 p. m in the evening. Photography is permitted in the temple premises.

Best time to visit Vikram Vinayak Temple

The summer season in Alibaug lasts between March to July, the weather is not very harsh during this time unlike other parts of the country. This season is also good for picnic, outing and sightseeing. However, the period between November to February is very pleasant and ideal for visiting Alibaug and the numerous attractions in and around. 

How to Reach Alibaug Vikram Vinayak Temple

By Road

The Maharashtra State Road transport runs more than 40-50 buses daily between Mumbai and Alibaug. Alibaug is also well connected with other important cities like Pune, Kalyan, Miraj, Kolhapur, Thane, Nashik and Borivali.

By Air

The nearest airport is Mumbai which is located at a distance of 140 km. State road transport buses or hired cars can be hired taken from Mumbai airport to reach Alibaug Vikram Vinayak temple.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Pen located at a distance of 28 km. However, Panvel is the nearest important railway station where prominent trains stop. The distance from Panvel to Alibaug is 60 km.

By Sea Route

Tourists can also enjoy the pleasure of a sea trip, by travelling in a launch between Mumbai and Alibaug. It is one of the popular attractions for the tourists. Tourists travelling to Alibaug can take a launch between Mumbai to Rewas which is of one and half hour trip. From Rewas jetty tourists can travel by bus or hired cab to reach Alibaug. This journey is of one hour.

Places to visit in and around Vikram Vinayak Temple, Alibaug

Alibaug Beach

This is a prominent beach in the nearby vicinity with good scope for picnics.

Alibaug Fort

Alibaug fort is an ancient fort built during the regime of the Maratha ruler Shivaji. This fort has witnessed various wars between the Siddis, Portuguese and British.


Mandawa is located at a distance of 20 km. It is a popular boat jetty which also has bungalows of several bollywood celebrities.

Underi & Khanderi Islands

Located near to Alibaug is the island which was built by Shivaji as important observation posts to keep a track on the movements of Siddis.

The other beaches in the nearby vicinities are Varsoli beach, Akshi beach, Nagaon beach, Korlai beach and Kashid beach.

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