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Kaleshwar Temple

Shri Kaleshwar temple is a popular Hindu temple in Nerur located in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. This temple has been constructed in the honour of village deity, Shri Kaleshwar, who is also known as Kaloba. Nerur is a small village which is situated in the industrial Taluka Kudal of in Sindhudurg district.

Shri Kaleshwar, who is the Gram Devta of Nerur, is considered to be an avatar of Lord Shiva. This temple is very popular in the area and is greatly worshipped by people of all religions. Many developments have taken place in this temple since its original establishments. This temple is also quite famous for its Maha Shivaratri celebrations which are done at highly grand level and are attended by people of all sects. There is a temple of a snake Goddess, Devi Sateri Temple, located next to Shri Kaleshwar temple.

History of Kaleshwar Temple

As per a legend, some 700 - 800 years ago, around 1500 AD, when the ground was dug, a natural lingam buried under the ground was found, which an emblem of God Shiva is. At that time, the area around this temple was a thick forest and a Brahmin’s cow used to deliver milk on regular basis on a particular spot in the forest. When that Brahmin dug that spot, the Shivling was found.

On this spot, the temple was founded and that lingam was enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The squared shaped platform on which the Shivling is placed is known as Shalunka. Both Shalunka and Shivling are black in colour. As per tradition, there is water vessel through which water is offered on the Shivling and it is a mystery that where this offered water seeps down.

Festival Celebrations at Kaleshwar Temple

The most important festival which is celebrated in this temple is Maha Shivratri Utsav. The Maha Shivratri celebrations of this Hindu festival which is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Shiva, last for five says in this temple. On the occasion of this festival the Kaleshwar's idol is drawn out in its chariot. Maha Shivratri is accompanied by a fair which is organized near the temple and visitors from far and near come here to become a part of the grand celebrations. The other festivals which are celebrated in Shri Kaleshwar Temple are Navratri Utsav and Maghi Ganesh Utsav.

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